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Just been switched to subutex from suboxen.... Still craving the suboxen! Why??
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    Default Just been switched to subutex from suboxen.... Still craving the suboxen! Why??

    Took suboxen for 18 months after being addicted to pain pills for 7 years & >>>>>> for 2 yrs. just yesterday my doctor switched me to subutex. Not sure why to be honest? He said he trusted me not to abuse subutex. Which I really feel I wouldn't. I've been happier then ever been in life. Problem is I'm craving the suboxen. Why? & how long will this last? What's te difference bt the 2? Any advice is appreciated!

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    Perhaps you mentioned something about $$ to your Dr.? Subutex is generic Suboxone, just minus the naloxone. Now i always heard the Naloxone is in the sub to prevent junkies from shooting - that's the only difference. And it's less expensive so it makes sense your Dr saying "i trust you" too.
    Recently i've read some posters mentioning other properties, such as reducing cravings. Im not sure but it does make sense considering what you are posting. My first thought was it's just your addictive mind playing tricks.
    Here is what says: While the mechanism of action of Naloxone is not fully understood, in vitro evidence suggests that Naloxone antagonizes opioid effects by competing for the mu, kappa, and sigma opiate receptor sites in the CNS, with the greatest affinity for the mu receptor.

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