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Kaiser five-day no methadone policy before inducting on to Suboxone inpatient?????
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    Default Kaiser five-day no methadone policy before inducting on to Suboxone inpatient?????

    I want to get off methadone and switch for a brief period of time to Suboxone, ultimately to get off both. I have Kaiser insurance and my doctor said that they could admit me to the hospital for three days for the induction.

    However, after leaving her office I started thinking about it and asking questions of my friends. I heard through the rumor mill that Kaiser requires FIVE DAYS of no methadone dosing before administering Suboxone.

    What I assume that means is that I go for five days on my own with no methadone and then check into the hospital and am monitored, and when I reach a viable level of withdrawal (presumably 26 on the COWS chart), I would be given Sub.

    This concerns me! I have concerns about making it for five days with no methadone.

    Has anyone heard that this is Kaiser's policy?

    Any input would be appreciated.

    Many thanks.


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    You should check with your doctor. The half life of methadone is pretty high, but not that high. Perhaps they want to wait for 48 hours then go to the hospital to be inducted on the sub. But you best check with your doctor.

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    My experience has been that there needs to be at least 72 hours after the last dose of methadone before starting subs. Although I can't speak to the policies of the specific place you're asking about. What's really important tho is that you be down to a low dose of methadone, like 25-30mg or less. I would assume that if they require 5 days, that would be geared more toward people who are on large doses like 100mg or more. It's better to tough it out without methadone for a few days than to be put into precipitated withdrawal by starting on subs too early.

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