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A letter from your disease
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    Default A letter from your disease

    A Letter From Your Disease

    Hello fellow addicts I am your disease,
    I will never let you sleep or put your mind at ease,

    I will always be here no matter where you go,
    I am smarter than you and I am in control,

    Family, friends, and loved ones they won't matter anymore,
    I'll take everything you got and still want something more

    I was there for you in the good times but mostly in the bad,
    I've made you feel so happy but in the end you was always sad

    You will lie to everyone and say that I ain't real,
    but if that's the case why can't you put down that pill

    I come in many forms, and shapes, and size
    Then following comes denial, deceit, and lies

    I will turn you from everyone that tries to take you from me
    Together we will spend all eternity

    I'll embrace you in my arms and I'll never set you free,
    Spend our life together won't that make you happy,

    Don't let those people tell you what I am all about,
    Cause then you'll find a way; a way to kick me out

    Well here I go now I'll just be on my way
    but not for to much longer cause I still have much to say

    So when you think I'm gone and you can finally be at ease,
    Just remember this I will always be your disease.

    This is why I quit reading this.... I knew I could win.
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    Letter To my disease!

    You always came through for me! You helped me in the lowest point in my life. You picked me up and I fell in love with you in the process.

    You are so beautiful, but who would of knew you had such a dark soul.

    You helped me, but you hurt me worse. You took everything from me. You made me turn on the ones I love the most, you made me do the unbelievable to be around you. You are more than I can afford. You stole my feelings and now I feel numb when I'm around you.

    You are the most decieving B**** I've ever encountered and I have to turn my back on you for my sake. My family sake, my Futures sake.

    You say you will always be here. But I will leave you in my past and I am willing to fight like I've never fought before with the little strength that you left me.

    I will defeat you, and you can't do anything to stop me.

    I'm putting my gloves on now, and I'm ready to fight. I'm willing to kill you.

    From: Your Killer. Sobriety
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    I likey alot
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