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This is like a never-ending cycle
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    Default This is like a never-ending cycle

    I had been on Loratab for 3 years. I was taking 10-500 x 3 a day. I got hooked on it when I was down in Mississippi for a few months when I gave living there a try because I had a really bad absessed tooth they put me on this at the dentists office down there and I found it not only helped with that but my chronic pain and muscle deterioration from my Muscular Dystrophy. Last time I got an x-ray the technitian told me I had bone density like a 90 year old woman would - I'm 29 years old. Well I started taking 3 a day and she gave me 90 pills. It improved my quality of life I was getting around and doing things my MD had prevented me from doing because of the pain. It was a miracle drug for me at first - now it seems to be my nightmare. It got to the point 30mg wasn't enough. I did 35 then 40mg but never went above there. I came back to Pennsylvania - which if anyone lives in PA you know they're extremely strict here.

    I went to a Christian doctor (huge mistake) she did not believe in pain medication but she perscribed it with the understanding that I would only get 60 pills a month and that was to be taken 2 x's a day. Because I was at the age of only 26 at the time, and because doctors seem to have a pre-notion of 26 year olds are healthy and don't need medication due to the fact they are young (I've seen 10 different dr's here and they all tell me the same thing desspite my MD, which is a stage 4 - moderate to severe deterioration) and their ability to get hooked. The good news is when I abused the medication and ran short because the pain was so bad and the doctors wouldn't listen, and I do realize now because I craved that medication it was intensifyed - they removed me off it cold turkey. I spent 6 months in bed because I couldn't move because the pain was so bad - like I said before, miracle drug turned nightmare but I had kicked it for 6 months and duruing that time I gained a bit back - even though my quality of life wasn't that great I really was glad in the end but the pain was stil really bad because of the muscle and bone deterioration. I finally went to a pain clinic and the dr set me up on 15 mg a day, 5/325 of Norco after I provided them proof of xrays and a surgeons diagnosis - they would not set me up on 10-500 due to being flagged as a junkie (which wasn't really true as I know people who took 30 pills a day where I only took one extra) anyhow, they needed proof I had MD and they were going to make me go through all the tests again, which if anyone here has Muscular Dystrophy they know those tests are very very painful. I still remember them from getting them done at 3 years old.

    I remember the pain and what they did to me, luckily the surgon diagnosed me as he was a specific specialist for MD. I couldn't go through those tests again so I opted for a specialist surgeon and he sent the copy to the pain dr. I had reconstructive surgery on my right foot in October. I was on oxy but didn't care for it and now it seems I'm in the same boat again. I'm taking 20 mg a day which is 1 pill more but those add up. I have another surgery to reconstruct my right foot that's coming up this year in the Spring/Summer. I gained most of my weight back and I am depressed because I want to get a grip on this habit. The doctors won't fill my perscription until the 15th but I ordered Kratom to get me through the rest of the week (though Kratom is what helped me kick the withdrawls) It's been 30 hours and I know the withdrawls are going to come soon and I'm use to those but I have another surgery and this is going to be the same old rollercoaster it's been...or at least a fear of it. I know once I have the other surgery to correct my deformity I will be able to get off the pain medication for good but I can't believe how just one dentists visit suddenly became something else. Looking back I was able to get off the pain meds before when I had the one surgery in 2009 thanks to an accident (went under a semi truck at 50 mph, first and last time I ever want to go near a semi) and that crash caused my ankle to go from one side of my foot to the other, it was crushed in 6 different places. I got off the pain meds with no problems and didnt even think twice. I don't know how 4 months in year 2010 in Mississippi changed it. It started out as a need then went to something where it was a dependancy. Miracle turned nightmare. I've been taking kratom for a year on and off and it helps with withdrawls and helps people tamper off meth, >>>>>>, pain pills. It's a plant the neutralizes the chemicals in the brain that tells you 'hey you want this' it's an anti-opiant. I take it and withdrawls are non-existant. The thing that sucks is the stomach cramps from not having the pain medication, that hits hard for me because having been on it for 3 years that medication has pretty much stripped my stomach lining. Other than that no side effects and the cramps are usually gone in about 2 to 4 days.

    I just feel fustrated I let myself get into this situation but I also don't feel sorry for myself either. I let this happen and I only have myself to blame for it but after my 2nd surgery I should be able to get well enough to walk and not need the pills, which would be great. I'm just looking for other like-minded who maybe able to offer additional help or advice.
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    Hi, and welcome.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your health issues and dependency. I would recommend that you copy and paste this into a new thread on the "Need to Talk" board. This particular board doesn't get much traffic.

    I know how horrendous WD can be. Be careful with the Kratom too. We've had people come here asking how to get off of that too.

    Take care,

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