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Medication for anxiety / panic attack that is not as dangerous as Xanax?
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    Default Medication for anxiety / panic attack that is not as dangerous as Xanax?

    I have never taken any medication in my life despite suffering from OCD / GAD and panic attacks on and off ever since I was 15 (I'm currently 27). I have a family history of depression / anxiety / OCD so I know that my brain's chemical make-up is not "normal".

    I was able to manage before just by reading coping strategies but recently, I had a very bad bout of panic / anxiety attack, the torment was hellish. I never want to go through that again. I'd rather have a knife lodged through my skin rather than suffer the mental torment severe anxiety / panic attack brings. I am doing fine now but I currently feel a bit on the "edge" and might go into a full-blown panic who-knows-when.

    I've wanted to stay off meds due to its bad reputation (addiction and withdrawal) but if I ever suffer like that again, I would not hesitate to go to a doctor to prescribe me an anti-anxiety drug. I've heard that addiction to Xanax is really dangerous and getting off it is harder than getting off >>>>>>e.

    My question is, is there any anti-anxiety medication that is not as addicting as Xanax but just as effective? Are all the horror stories true? I don't have any history of substance abuse. I don't have any vice.
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    All prescribed anit-anxiety meds can lead to addiction/dependency. Valium is a safer option then Xanax for addiction as the half life doesn't wear off so fast you will be tempted to take another. I would recommend trying a natural supplement like theanine 1st to see if it works for you

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    The husband is right. Anything you take will carry the risk of addiction. You can avoid it if you are extremely careful and don't cheat by taking extra. Some of the benzodiazepens have been known to build tolerance quickly. I've been taking clonazepam for years and don't seem to have bad side effects, but if I were to try and stop them cold turkey, the withdrawl would be very unpleasant. I tried once a couple of years ago, not having researched it first, and wound up having auditory hallucinations after seven days off the drug. To be honest, all drugs have risks, side effects and reactions that vary from person to person. If you take xanax or some other medication only once in a while when you have a panic attack, the risk of addiction or tolerance and withdrawl are much less than if you were to take them on a daily basis. Taking them only occasionally also means they will be more effective when you do take them.
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