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    Default Methadone

    Day 8 off of methadone and I feel like I am getting worse than better. Anyone else out there?

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    I wrote to you on the other thread you posted on ..

    This board does not get much traffic..
    I would go to the need to talk board and start your thread there..

    I am sorry you are going through this..
    But it is doable
    Worth every tear drop that falls!
    I will see you on your new thread ..


    Here is the other post I wrote to you ..
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    Hi Methadonenightmare. I have a friend that tapered off Methadone and it took several weeks to start getting energy back. Methadone has a long half life and stays in your system a long time even after you quit, but it does get better. Last I heard he was skiing somewhere in Switzerland. I think he used a B multivitamin and L-Tyrosine and exercise. I am going to use these too when I quit Oxycodone. Hopefully, I will get up enough courage and have enough free days to do it soon.

    Just keep hanging in there. It will get better. I has shingles back in December and felt so weak for months. I thought I would never get my energy back but I did. The body is amazing. Just keep giving yourself healthy things and be good to yourself. You are stronger than you realize. Methadone is a really tough one to quit but it is doable.

    Eight Days Is Fantastic!!!

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