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methadone drop off 6 mg and how long will the rls and anxiety last?
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    Default methadone drop off 6 mg and how long will the rls and anxiety last?

    Original was on hydrocodone and switched to methadone and been on it for 3 years. This past year I have detoxed from 75 mg to 6 mg and then dropped off. I feel like the rls and anxiety drives me crazy and never ends. I just want this to go away and detoxing from the hydrocodne doesn't compare to this. I just want to know some peoples experiences and what to expect cause some days I don't think I can go another day.

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    Normally on like day 3 for me RLS would kick in for me. I just went from 80mg for 11 months and to 30mg one day, to 10mg for about a week to get on subutex, my RLS kicked in the night I was going in for subutex. I have a thread in a different forum under the user name MethadoneDisdain if you care to read my journey.

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