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-methadone- tapering instead of stopping cold turkey. is there an actual difference?
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    Default -methadone- tapering instead of stopping cold turkey. is there an actual difference?

    I have been having a battle with my drug of choice, methadone. I was on 100mg a day and have gotten myself down to 40mg a day. It may not seem like much, but it is to me. I was in a lot of pain and withdrawals doing that because I went off cold turkey on the 100mg a day. It lowered my tolerance greatly.. I tried to just take 10mg a day after that but I wasn't able to sleep at night the insomnia was the worst.. Also the goose bumps, the horrible irritation, the hot and cold flashes, having to urinate more frequently, and every time I would lay down my brain would just go crazy. I couldn't stop thinking!! It irritated me greatly. I finally went up to 40mg and realized it worked enough to help me sleep at night. That's all I really cared about was being able to sleep at least 6hrs at night. I have two children who are 5 and my youngest turned 1 on Halloween I don't get a whole lot of sleep as it is.. So obviously I have to stay really busy with my kids. I'm trying to taper the best way I can. I go to a methadone clinic in my town and it's helped a lot. I'm not spending 80 dollars a day or more. I only have to pay 12 dollars a day for my dose. It's helped a lot financially. The counseling they provide is all helpful because I have someone to talk to and they monitor my progress, give weekly drug tests to make sure your only taking what they prescribe. I also have been wondering is there a difference if you taper instead of quit cold turkey??? Can my endorphins and the serotonin come back faster since I'm tapering down? Like if I tapered all the way down to 5mg and then stopped would my withdrawals be horrible like I quit cold turkey? Would I get sick? I'm also interested in those na meetings.. Are they really helpful?
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    Hi there..
    Yes it will help you to taper..
    Since you have down to 40 you have proven you can taper..
    I could not taper methadone I was on 150 mg a day and switched to suboxone..
    That was 18 months ago and now off sub almost 10 months now..
    It really does help to taper very slow..
    I think your clinic will taper you and I know the y go slow..
    I think you can even go down lower that 5 mg because methadone has a long half life ..
    You have to go slow and down to almost nothing..
    Life definitely better from this side..
    Don't be in a rush..
    Do the taper correctly and you never have to do it again..
    Take care
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    Hi lost love 22. Congrats! If it helps I've been there. 100% clean since 1991. I don't say that for props. I believe you can do it too. It's the decision to make a choice when you so choose to take the plunge & reduce mg to the point of no more. It will be uncomfortable, foreign & yes it will take awhile for the endorphins & serotonin (all normal body chemistry) to function as normal. Initially pain will feel intense until you develop normal levels of tolerance, resistance & resilience. Be patient and gentle with yourself. Lavender baths helped me, a lot of them! Get positive support, no finger wagers or better than individuals. If your open to counseling get someone who's knowledgeable (special training) in addiction. Be kind to yourself, you'll get there.

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    I'm 7 weeks off methadone and I was at 150mg, got down to 80mg and quit cold turkey. The insomnia was the worst part. I got an hour of sleep a day for weeks and even up for over 48 hours. I took it for over 5 years and it took me a year to get down to 80mg so I just quit I didn't want to be there another 2 years going down slowly. I'm glad I quit even though I had a rough first month it was worth it.
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    I was wondering the same thing. I just ran out and won't get more till Thursday. I am in the same boat as you with my kids and responsibilities. I do think that cutting down slowly the wds are supposed to be more mild but idk.... I cant take my heart racing it makes me sweat.... I shouldn't be wd so bad I have a lot in me because of the half life.
    God bless

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    I was at 50 MG after pills for 6-7 years and now after tapering for about 4-5 months I'm now at 4 MG with NO bumps in the road!! No withdrawal at all! I am hoping the end is as easy as the journey was I wish u success!!!!

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