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Moved from U.S to Sweden, Suboxone detox help please :-(
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    Default Moved from U.S to Sweden, Suboxone detox help please :-(

    Hello everyone,
    I have been reading on the forum for close to 2 years now and finally decided to sign up and be a member, and be able to post and hopefully one day be able to give encouraging words to others.

    Here is the backgroud:
    I was a heavy percocet addict for 2 years, started with a motor cycle accident and broke my neck, 2 fingers, my ankle which has 2 metal screws in it now as a result of the accident, and damaged my shoulder. I made a full recovery thank God, but I also became addicted to pain meds. The docs told me I will need pain meds for the rest of my life, but I have no pain. I just got addicted to percocets and started snorting them. Fast forward 2 yeard of staying high everyday from 100-180 mgs of percocet until it was starting to affect my family. Im the father of a 5 year old which is my everything, and have a wonderful wife.

    I broke down and told my wife about a year ago how addicted I was to oxy, she had no idea. She just knew there was something seriously wrong with me. So I started buying Suboxone strips off the street, in NC btw.
    I stayed on 2 mg/day suboxobe for a year until the whole family decided to move back to my home country, Sweden. Haven't lived here the last 13 years of my life. I'm 27.

    So we are all here now and re-united with my parents and my brother. I couldn't be happier, and I also knew this meant having to ditch my suboxone addiction. I smuggled 3 suboxone strips with me (just set the strips in a pack of Crest White strips between the crest strips). I have been here 1 month and 5 days now. I used 1 mg/day on the first 2 strips. The last strip I cut into .5 and .25 mg doses. I have took my last piece of .25 mg strip 2 days ago and the wd is just hell. I really need to get through this, and want to be completely drug free. Unfortunately Sweden doesnt offer a whole lot of otc meds to help with my wd.
    The worst for me is the restless legs at nite and last night I layed kicking in bed from 12 to 7 am. 7 hours of kicking and no sleep.

    Any advise from anyone how to make the rls a little more bearable? I do have the runs, runny nose, flue like symptoms, but the rls is the worst for me. Please help a fella out, I need as much advise and encouragement as I can get. The only good thing about being here in Sweden now is that I don't have the option or resources to give up and go back to drugs this time. I'm pretry much screwed, or lucky as I want to think of it as.

    PLEASE HELP, bless you all

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    I'm sorry you're going through Sub WD. That's rough. As far as RLS, there's a few things we always recommend: Hyland's Restful Leg supplement, potassium supplement, lots of bananas, or tonic water. These things are supposed to help. You can order the Hyland's online (Amazon) and request overnight delivery if it's not available at your local health food store. There's a prescription that's supposed to work really well, too. I can't remember the name of it. If you go to a thread called "Oh no, not again" by HarrySmooth on the Need to Talk board, he mentions the name of the medication.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi there no opiates,
    Wanted to stop by and lend my support
    Kat gave good suggestions bananas, k+ And tonic water
    Also drinking lots of water
    Exercise and vitamins
    Thomas recipe has some other good suggestions

    Take care will check on you later


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    Orange Juice, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium. Those are others that will help.

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    Thanks for the support Kat! I really appreciate it! I stocked up on Bananas and some calcium tablets. I'm looking into the Hylands as suggested. I hate I didn't bring my Immodium or 2 scripts of 120xTramadol 50mg with me. Tramadol would have probably made life a lot easier. I finally got some sleep in last night, now I fear no sleep for 2 days straight again. Seems like if you dont sleep for 2 days, on the 3rd day you're so exhausted the rls doesn't even matter.

    I hope this fades away soon, I know its a long process of "being back to normal".

    Bet, thank you sincerely for your support as well. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside knowing someone else knows how terrible this feels. My wife knows I'm w/d right now, just has no idea how rough this is.

    Iloerose, I went and bought some orange juice, so those suggestions I thank you for. Going to see if they sell magnesium or potassium pills in a pharmacy here in Sweden. The pharmacies here are tiny and barely any otc medicine here. You can't even buy cough syrup here. Tylenol (Alvedon as its called here) is about as good as it gets.

    On a good note, I had smoked marijuana for the last 8 years, every single day. Been mj free over a month now. I have also quit smoking cigarettes for 5 days now :-)
    Am I making my w/d worse by quitting too many habits at once?

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