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Muscle and weight loss from a 3 year pain killer addiction
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    Default Muscle and weight loss from a 3 year pain killer addiction

    Hello I am a 22 year old who finally decided to get his life back. I've had a problem with pain killers, oxycodone and morphine, for about 3 years now. Before I started I was a big guy. I weighed 235lbs and worked out all the time. Now fast forward 3 years later and I weigh 175lbs. During this time I have lost a lot of fat but also an incredible amount of muscle. It feels like I have withered away. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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    Hi Koots - yes, in my experience. I was prescribed 180mg oxy IR, then Fentanyl, then Fentanyl & Percocet, all in a 90 day timeframe. I barely registered it all, but I was eating only about half of what I had prior to the drugs, and lost a huge amount of weight, like 60 pounds, over that time

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