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My daughter is addicted to pills
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    Default My daughter is addicted to pills

    My 33 year old daughter has been addicted to pill for over 14 years. All attempts I have made to try to help her have failed, yet she blames me for all her problems. She tells family that I don't love her and all she wants is a relationship with me, yet she does everything she can to displace our relationship. We were allowing her to live in my deceased father's home until she could get on her feet. The we found out that she let some really bad people move in, without permission, so I had to evict her to get rid of all of them. These folks were really freaky, and I cannot imagine why she keeps choosing to hang around with this type of people, except for the drugs. Now I don't know where she is or who she is living with. She has no job and no money, but seems to be able to come up with money for cigarettes, drugs and gas. I know she has stolen from me and my dad before he died, but I'm sure she has none of that money now. How do I get past my feeling of absolute dread. This last freak almost cut her fingers off, and she had to have surgery to repair the damage, losing partial use of her hand. I just keep praying that she will reach bottom, but its seems that every time I think she can't sink any further, she surprises me. I'm afraid that she will end up in jail or worse, dead, yet I'm totally unable to do anything about it. This has consumed my life for so many years, and I'm just tired of waiting for the next phone call.

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    i think she needs a psychologist or needs to be locked up in a rehab center to help her change her ways. She does seem like a spoilt child who needs to be dealt with strictly.So I suggest that you take things in your hands and show her that at such a tender age,she will have to follow the rules that you make,so pls do something about it.Good Luck,you sure do need it.

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    have yourself a little read of THIS:

    Nothing i write now could ever has a big an impact as reading the thread.

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    There is a false assumption in the U.S. that you cannot help people that do not want help. While ultimately, sobriety has to come from within, right now you are dealing with an addict that cannot be reasoned with. So what to do?

    Rehab is the best course of action. But rehabs will not accept her if she is unwilling... quite the catch 22!

    But there is a process called intervention in which a professional can actually get her agreement. It may sound like the impossible, but that is exactly what these professionals do! And the good ones are like 98% successful.

    It could definitely be worth your while to learn more. Feel free to research it on your own or feel free to call a free addiction helpline at 800-591-8350 where they can explain the process more thoroughly.

    Best of luck,
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