Hello. Eight months ago, I was diagnosed with CRPS 1. I was prescribed a drug cocktail for which I have a few questions that I was hoping experienced users cam help answers. My cocktail includes: Fentinyl patch 25, Gabapenton 1600-3200 mgs, Tizanidine 8 mgs, Vicodin 5-300, Hydroxyzine 10mgs, Ketamine (will be going into the hospital for 7 days for low dose (only 75 mgs sustained 24/7) IV drip this coming Thursday. In addition to these meds, I have endured 13 sympathetic nerve blocks, 3 epidurals and 3 or 4 oral steroid dose packs.

Now that you have the background, here are my questions:

1- I was told Fentynal was very physically and emotionally addictive and I avoided it for that reason, however I don't feel high from it for the most part. One time, at the end of the three day cycle, I felt really great, almost euphoric, but that happened just one time. Another time, after a shower I felt a little woozy. For the most part, I just get total pain relief and I'm able to participate in life more. I'm confused why people want to take this drug to get high

2- Since I don't feel high, am I able to drive legally?

3- I have only been on this dug for 3 or four weeks, am I still able to stop cold turkey?

4, has anyone ever gotten a really itchy rash from Fentynal?

5. I have gone from a sie 2 in January to a size 12/14 today. I know the steroids makes you gain weight , I'm sedentary because of my injury too, but do any of these drugs cause rapid weight gain? The side effects don't show this as common in any of the meds I am on. I'm getting quite depressed over it, yet I am shrill hungry and can't stop eating

6. Oh, back to Fentynal. Since I went on this patch, my dog will not stop trying to lick me. It's like he is obsessed. I know his is a weird question, but if he licks my skin, can he ingest the drug?

7. Ketamine. I will be in the hospital on 75 mgs sustained level for 7 days. IV delivered. Anyone have experience with this? What should I expect while on it? Will I be lucid? What about when I come home? What will the recovery be like? How long will it take to feel normal in terms of the drug? Will I have a really bad hangover? How quickly will the drug work and my pain be reduced!

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for the help!