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My experience of when I took suboxone for the 1st time
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    Default My experience of when I took suboxone for the 1st time

    Hi, I have been reading posts here for a long time and decided to post my experience ONLY because I was threading through so many posts looking for similar situations as mine and really couldn't find any to relate to. This is only my experience and not by any means telling or advising a protocol for anyone to follow. I am a 47 year old female.

    I have been on oxycodone (prescribed) for about 6 years this May. Started with 2 10 mg a day to taking 90 -100 mg a day. A one month script would last almost 2 weeks. If I could rewind and not have taken that first pill, I would have, but here I am.

    I have been on the dreaded taking more than I should have, going thru withdrawals, irritating everyone around me, being clean for about 1 week then filling my prescription and starting over. THIS WENT ON FOR ABOUT 3.5 YEARS.

    The last 1.5 years I would run out of my script, go thru withdrawals and be crying and swearing that "this is it, I am tired of this " but continued my usage. Now I have someone I was getting hydrocodone from the streets to hold me over until I got my oxy script. This went on as of a few weeks ago.

    Now I found myself in a situation where I ran out of my script and couldn't get any from my "street friend". I know someone that had suboxone and got three 12mg/3mg strips. So 36 mgs total.

    I was scared to death to take my first dose of suboxone cause I heard that if you take it too soon you can go into precipitated withdrawals which seemed worse than regular withdrawal symptoms. I took the 12 mg strip and cut it into four 3 mg pieces.

    I took my last oxycodone dose this past Friday at 2 pm. Around 11 pm I started having "very mild" withdrawal symptoms but feeling ancy. At the same time I was scared of what would happen if I took the suboxone too soon. I was also in A LOT OF NERVE PAIN IN MY FOOT...a burning fire, deep ache in left foot. (I had 6 nerve, cysts, tumor surgeries all on left lower leg /foot/ankle area ) within the last two years PLUS shoulder pain from surgery on New year's eve, sciatic nerve pain on right side (getting injection this coming Thursday ). These are some of the reasons WHY I am on pain meds.

    Back to story, so it's only been 9 hours and I wanted to take the suboxone knowing I read you have to wait minimum 24 hours. I decided to take one of the 3mg pieces and cut it in half to 1.5 mg. (Remember, I have 12 MG strip I cut into four 3 mg pieces ).

    I took my suboxone and within 20 minutes my mild withdrawal symptoms went away. I was happy because I didn't get deathly sick or go into precipitated withdrawals. One hour later around 12:30 am I took the other 1.5 mg. I felt really good and went to sleep. Got up and went to church this morning and while sitting in the pews I took a full 3 mg strip around 930 am. After Mass I went to my church class at 10 am. As I was talking to people I suddenly got this euphoric feeling that was short lived but felt like I did some oxys. It didn't last long but I maintained a very normal feeling. I went home, few hours later went to slept for about 4 hours. Woke up at 7 pm and took a 3mg piece. I don't know about everyone else, but I have a slight euphoric feeling shortly when it's kicking in. ..I guess. Don't know if anyone else feels that.

    So recap, mind you I only waited 9 hours to take my first suboxone. I've been on oxys for about 6 years 90 -100 mgs and here I am starting day 3 and feel great. 2 pm is my 24 hour marker. Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday and starting today at 2 pm starts day 3. I will use up what I have left of my suboxone which is two 12mg strips left.

    I know my story was long, I appreciate who took the time to read it but I wanted to be DETAILED AS POSSIBLE AS TO WHAT I DID. Not being detailed can mislead someone and that is not what I want to do.

    Again, this is just my encounter with suboxone and how long I waited to take my first dose. Everyone's stories scares you so much that some people probably suffer when they don't have to. If you just introduce a very small amount like. 5 to 1.5 mg and see what happens before taking the plunge. I KNOW THIS MIGHT NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE, BUT WAITING THE 24 HOURS DOESN'T ALWAYS APPLY TO EVERYONE. The person I got the suboxone from waits about 14 hours before taking it. KEEP IN MIND THAT WE WERE EXPERIENCING SOME WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS before taking it.

    I do want people to know that I am not encouraging anyone to do what I did. I just wanted to post my story so people can read it among other posts and decide what they should do...that's why I did. I couldn't get a straight answer about anyone taking before the 24 hours and if they did what their experience was. So please just read my story as MY STORY...MY EXPERIENCE.

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    I just read the rules about not using all caps because some people taking it as yelling or screaming. I can't figure out how to change what I posted so I wanted to post another message to let anyone that reads my post that I am not, by any means yelling, shouting or being aggressive by using caps. The reason I used all caps on certain words was strictly for stressing a point I was making. There is no option for bold font in words and it was just important statements I was making which was mainly about how what I did worked for me and may not necessarily work for someone else. I just didn't want anyone to read it and think ....oh, she typed it so it will work for me. I know people are smart but I wanted to emphasize this worked for me. Thanks

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    Hi there..
    It is good to hear another opiate addict is clean..
    By far the hardest thing we will ever do!
    Thank you for posting your story !
    I am sure many who read and don't post will be given hope!
    Take care

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