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This is MY story
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    Default This is MY story story is a very real and practical story and to start everything off I would like to say - Opana ER 30 Mg is the drug of my choice and I snort it. It started as a friends dad is prescribed for serious medical conditions and he started taking one every now and then. We kept saying it won't go far, it won't go far. Next thing you know, we are snorting these things every day and more than once a day. The whole thing has been going on for only about 2 months and I am one day clean and see how it feels - (Like DEATH LOL.....I would say I have a pretty good attitude with life but this feeling of my body is just crazy) I can't sleep but my whole body is tired and aching....the depression never really got to me as much as the physical pain....but if I actually think about it then I guess it's a mixture of both that is really getting me. I am about to take a dose today of opana with my friend and hoping that I could still quit after this. I am 18 years old, live in the suburbs of Chicago (Nice house with a decent family) and I attend a couple classes at the community college. Also - I am an aspiring artist. Not sure if i want to reveal my name yet though. Any help with my addiction? Thanks - I just need some people to have a discussion with.

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    Default I'm with you

    I've been throughbouts with opana and let me tell ya...they are nasty when it comes to getting off them. But it's absolutely worth it. I fell off the band wagon months ago and went back to snorting the hell outta oxys. it's day one for me and I live in a house full of addicts so if I can get through that you can make it too! hang in there, please!

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    All I can say to you is PLEASE STOP USING NOW! You can do this , if you continue your family, dreams , and aspirations will be gone in no time. These opiates steal your soul my friend , you maybe need detox , or perhaps seek out the help of Robert 325 on here , he is an expert on getting people clean off of opiates , he's gotten me through this and I know for a fact , he can help you too. Good luck and please know you can do this and have your life back and go after your dreams but you must act now before you end up on the clutches of this evil drug, I used oxycontin but no more. Good luck to you.


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