I'm new here on this forum. I just cut to my point. I have been taking suboxone intranasally for many years, not continuously, last year for example I withdrawaled myself five times. So I use 2-6 months, average 3 months, withdrawal, relapse after 2-16weeks. I've been doing this for, say, 5 years. It's not my prescription drug. I use it once or twice daily, dosing between 0.2mg - 2mg, intranasally.

I always get sick of using, because I don't want to be addicted to anything, anything that is not prescribed for me. I have to take lithium 1200mg/d and lamictal 200mg/d, just quit my seroquel 300mg/d (have been using it now 20mg as an sedative at night if necessary). Yes, I have bipolar type 1. I have been struggeling with drugs in the age of 20-25, using lots of everything, got my diagnosis in 2012, a wonderful relationsship and an angel, our daughter.

So, nowadays my only drug-related issue is suboxone. It's too easy to get. Just a 3min walk away, and costs me barely nothing. And I have always liked opioids. I prefer suboxone over the most full agonist opioids.

My goal is to free myself from this addiction. I have been talking to my psychiatrist, but he can't help. I can't talk to other doctors, because of child welfare issues and it would just make things worse. It's complicated here in Finland.

Okay, but because I've come off suboxone so many times (not massive doses, not massive time using). And I have been reading WD advices on this and other forums. But I find the ones I have developed (=P) during these many WD's.

Usually I do a 1-2 week taper to .25mg, one day off, then .25mg again, two days off .125mg, jump! No WD's, just a little irritated the next 2 days. This is familiar here.

But what about this. Has been working as well as the above mentioned or even better! Now have been using 16 weeks, average 1.5-2mg for last 8 weeks. Jumped at that dose. 2 days of, took on both days klonopin 2mg/day. Today third wd-day (could really hard feel the wd), took 0.4mg, two days off, then on 6th wd-day 0.2mg, two days off, on 9th wd-day 0.1mg, on 11th wd-day 0.1, Jump. Klonopin as needed.

I have also used tapering to approx 0.5mg, jumped, took on 5th day 0.2mg, and the withdrawal was over.

My point is, that I have not anybody been doing this and it's the best method for me. I stay totally operational.

One time I jumped also at a high dose (usually I taper to .25mg and then jump and have no withdrawal, probably because of my low doses and time Ive been on) and on the 8th day of WD's was "f'ck it", took a approx 0.2mg suboxone dose and after that the WD was TOTALLY over!

Somebody (robert?) can me explain this?