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my theory of suboxone tapering
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    Default my theory of suboxone tapering

    im not a doctor or medical person. im just sharing my personal experience from my tappering from suboxone. im now on 0.125 mg everyday. i did this with the help, info, advice and day to day directions from GREAT MEMBERS OF THIS FORUM iloerose,alexnt,iwantoff and others I THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH as they are better and knowledgable than doctors,nurses,pharmacist and all medical personel when it comes to suboxone. so here is my story in short...
    im a >>>>>> addict in my country for 9 years on and off. then become clean for 8 years, came here and lived a good life, good job, respectable position. after i saved enough money i went back to school... in school i met this beautiful kind girl, fell in love then one day i told her that i used to be a >>>>>> addict. turns out she is an active addict. at first i wanted to help her out of it, but im too weak and fell right back into the black hole. get hooked for a good month and quit cold turkey for 2 weeks, got back again for 3months. so i broke up with her and surrender to my older brother. went to MD and he prescribed suboxone.
    started with 4 mg for one day as it gets me high, next day took 2mg then tapper on my own till 0.5mg. then problems started. felt crazy wds called md he told me to cut them in two=0.25 mg and take it every 12hours it helps.
    after that he told me to just jump...
    first day was nightmare like suicide kinna nightmare, cant handle it started crying and stuff so took 0.125mg and it doesnt help. so i joined this forum an members here helped me with my tapper.

    this is the tapper...
    1. got back on 0.25 mg every 24hours for 4 days
    2. drop to 0.1875 mg every 24hours for 4 days
    3. drop to 0.125 mg every 24hours for 4 days
    4. then 0.125 mg after 36 hours, then 48 hours, then 60 hours and so on.

    first day of every drop i dont really feel the difference meaning no wds thats if you dropped from 0.25mg every 24hours exact for 4 days then 0.1875mg for 4 days then 0.125 mg. the second day a little diferent minimum wd and third day mild but its nothing just stiff not pain back, sneezing, tired, yawns.
    i think this is why....
    it is said that suboxone have 72hours of half life so it stays in your dopamine receptors/body for 3 days. on your first day of dropping from 0.25mg to 0.1875mg, the actual 0.25mg is still in your body thats probably why you dont feel anything on first day. then i gradually falls down eliminated my the body till third day when the body really dont have that 0.25 mg anymore, however have that 0.1875 mg acustomed to it. as members of this forumsand from my personal experience SLOW, FIRM AND STRICT TAPER wins the race. we have to be smarter than this drug. know how it acts and works in our body.
    and for the record i have zero tolerance to pain especially wds and IF I CAN DO THIS YOU FOR SURE CAN DO IT TOO. so lets do this together LETS GET OUR LIFES BACK LETS GET OUR RIGHTS TO LIVE AS NORMAL PEOPLE BACK because we are not meant to be like this and we should and will be FREE a lot of the members here have done this and they succeed why cant YOU and I ?
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    *then it gradually falls down eliminated by the body

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