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Need advice on addiction while pregnant
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    Default Need advice on addiction while pregnant

    I'm hoping this community is not judgmental whereas I am here looking for advice on how to change my life, not feel worse about it.

    I'm 34 yo, married and have a 12 year old. I havent been able to have anymore children, all pregnancies ended in miscarriages by about 16-20 weeks due to reproductive issues. I was not using when these issues started. Well here I am, 25 weeks and pregnant with a perfectly healthy baby. I didnt take my addictions into serious consideration for the past 6 months because I really didnt think the pregnancy would survive. Now, the doctor said even if I were to go into labor today, the baby would likely survive. That was a huge wake up call for me and I need to make some serious changes.

    Heres what I am struggling with,

    6 years on opiates. The last 4 years as a daily user, It started prescribed due to surgery, then PID and Lupus. I could still get them prescribed if I went to the doctor but for some reason its easier and more preferrable to get them off the streets. I dont need them anymore. I cleaned up for about 5 months last year and I felt great physically, no pain at all. So I KNOW I shouldnt be taking them. I'll take whatever I can find, 90% of the time its 10 mgs hydros. I dont overdo it, the MOST I will take in 24 hours is 2 of the 10s. I break them up into thirds and take the little morsels throughout the day. I have been able to keep this amount under 20 total mgs a day because I like having a low tolerance. I dont get 'high', just maintain so I dont have to comedown. Its been this way for a long time.

    I have also been a cigg smoker for about 8 years (1 to 1.5 packs a day).

    I do also believe that I have a legit caffeine addiction. For nearly 10 years now, I have had at least 64 ozs of soda a day. Going 8 hours without any makes me feel awful.

    NOBODY in my life knows that I struggle with the opiates and I am not in a position to seek outside help, whether it be from family, friends or doctors. They all know that I smoke and drink soda though. This is not able to change, I have to quit the opiates on my own and without sharing it with my husband, etc.

    Everyone tells me, "Your pregnant! Just quit smoking!". I really wish that knowing I was pregnant magically made this all easier to quit (smoking, soda and opiates), but it doesnt, it just makes me feel worse about my decisions. Yes, I know that I am hurting myself, my family and my baby. Yes, it tears me apart.

    I am really overwhelmed and I dont know what to quit first or how to do this. Methadone and Sub, nor any other prescription medication is an option. I believe I could quit the opiates, I did it last year cold turkey and made it 5 months until I was in a car wreck and broke my hip, then the pills started again. But, I know that once I quit them, I still smoke and drink soda. Its just a lot and the idea of quitting all 3 scares the >>>> out of me.

    Any advice on what to quit first and how to do it would be GREATLY appreciated! I have 14 of the 7.5 mg vicodin left.

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    Lesmere - ok first of all congrats on baby!! I promise you will not be judged here. I know what you are going thru - exactly what you are going thru Let me tell you my life could be yours. I have been on Suboxone for 9 years and I am 20 days clean. But before suboxone is would use any opiate I could get my hands on. I have 2 sons. One is almost 10 and one 2. I was addicted while pregnant with both. With oldest it was hydros but with 2 yr old it was Suboxone. I know how scared you are right now but you will be ok. I never told either OB dr about addiction. I was so afraid they would try and take my babies away or think I was a horrible person they technically are required by law to report it if they consider it child abuse.
    I don't believe that you are abusing your baby no With my first son I had kidney stones and was givin hydros for pain. So I was pretty sure that it would not harm my baby. I only took what I needed to be well and that was probably a little more than you are taking. with my second son I was on Suboxone so that dr knew that I was on Suboxone. He told me that it might be worse to quit at that point. My only worry was that there really isn't a whole lot of research data on Suboxone and pregnancy so I'm glad you decided to not do that.
    I can't imagine being prego and going thru this and doing it alone. Please know you are not alone anymore. You are doing the right thing by reaching out. Of course quitting is always best option but like you said people think you should just stop - they have no idea how hard it is and what you are going thru. I will be here for anytime you need if you will let me. Being prego puts a new aspect on emotions and mental struggle. You are not a bad person or bad mom I promise. Let me know if you have questions and I will do my best to answer. You can get thru this and have a healthy happy baby - I have 2 boys to prove it. Hang in there sweet girl I will check back to see how your doing
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    Hey there!

    Can I first offer a big hug?

    I can relate... I went through something very similar that started my opiate addiction. I started tramadol before pregnancy and found myself taking it throughout the entire pregnancy and then moving to oxy after my c-section. ( I didn't heal and had to do wound care for 3 months ) It was horrible and I didn't realize what I was really doing to myself.. Here I am 6 years later after starting the oxy and today is my 3rd day of suboxone.

    So.. here is what I did during my pregnancy to prevent my daughter from being addicted and going through withdrawl at birth.

    I started slowly weaning myself on the pain killers. I even asked my OBGYN for a lower dose so I could do it more effectively. I feel like if you let your OBGYN know, they will not judge you, but instead help you do what you need to do, by monitoring your dosage and helping you wean down. I assure you, you don't want to deal with your infant going through withdrawl.. Its utterly heartbreaking. I know... Because I had a hard time completely stopping, so my daughter did go through some small withdrawls.. I breastfeed so she could at least still get some and it was a tad easier on her, but still was not the way to go.

    If you take 1/3 of a 10 throughout the day, try cutting it into 1/4 and only taking 1/4 piece 3 times a day. Do that for 4 days and then cut again. I've actually broken my 10's into 4 and 5 pieces to wean myself off of them. It was not easy.. but you can do it!! Every 4 days drop down on your dose. After dropping to 1/5th a piece, then start cutting it down to twice a day instead of 3 times a day.. do that for 4 days.. Then go to once a day, etc. Throw away the extra!! Having more than enough stash on hand can make you take more than you plan to. Only have enough on hand to wean. Keep telling yourself if you take more, you wont have any to get you till XX date. That will help keep you on track. I know it did me.. but again, everyone is different.

    The opiate is the main thing you should stop first. I continued to drink caffeine throughout my pregnancy and many have. That is the least thing you should be worrying about. Smoking is the 2nd concern. I had a hard time stopping with my second, but quit cold turkey the first day I found out with my first. Have you tried an e-cig? So many people say they are worse than cigs, but really they are not.Mostly cig companies trying to get them to go away since they are effecting their profits. I have been using an e-cig for 2 years now and don't even crave a cig. You can start off with a 3mg or 6mg of nicotine level and it will at least hold off the cravings for an actual cig. It's a vapor, so it's not as harmful as an actual cig to the fetus. My niece is an RN nurse who is pregnant and she actually uses one to help her quit smoking during her pregnancy. I've seen a lot of pregnant woman use them and successfully quit smoking and not crave a cig. I can link you to some products to buy that are top quality juices, etc that wont harm your lungs and are made in the USA and much safer than other juices. I can help you know which product to buy to become successful and quit.

    If you have any questions of just need someone to talk to, i'm here!!

    Remember... YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! I was scared to death to make the jump, but I did it and i'm not turning back.
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    Lesmere - hey sweetie I just wanted to check in on you and see how you are doing. I hope this finds you feeling better. i know being pregnant and stressed can really get you down, especially when you can't talk to anyone about it. Anyway, let me know how you are when you feel up to. - Kim

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