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Need Advice norco taper >> suboxone treatment
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    Default Need Advice norco taper >> suboxone treatment

    Hi. I am new to this so don't know if I am posting this in the correct spot on this forum. I have been using norco for about 3-4 years. What started off as back pain relief of (2) 5/500 Vicodin became (5) 7.5/325 norco a day which then became (6-8) 10/325 norco a day. Right now I use because I'm afraid and scared of withdrawing hard. I have a set schedule taking them in order to make sure I don't withdrawl. I take (1) 10/325 in the morning and then 2 1/2 - 3 hours later I take (1) 7.5/325 then back to (1) 10/325 and that keeps going until about 8:30-9:00 then I stop because I can't sleep on these. So I take them where I know they will wear off a little before bed and I can still fall asleep. I wake up in the morning feeling pretty >>>>>>. I made a choice to get off these and went to see my doctor. They told me they want me to get on suboxone and that tomorrow I need to withdrawl for 24 hours or as long as I can then start the suboxone 2mg at a time until I start to feel better. I guess my question is. How bad is my usage? And should I just taper off slowly or does suboxone seem like the right way to go? I really want these out of my system a I want to feel normal immediately. Will I feel normal on suboxone immediately? Any advice would be helpful they want me to start my detox tomorrow until I'm in full withdrawals. Thank you

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    In MY opinion, for your particular habit, suboxone would definitely be overkill. You don't need subs for your addiction level MrTimoteo. You could attempt a taper, but most have a difficult time simply because you always have the drug at your disposal to take more if things get worse than expected. And they usually do.

    You might consider CT and be finished with the most severe symptoms in about 3-4 days. You should feel fine after a week has passed. A taper would probably take longer, and suboxone would take LOTS longer! It's different for everyone and the results could vary. If you read around the threads and posts there are numerous vitamins, supplements, and suggestions that will be beneficial to a CT stoppage of your drug norco. So much of this is mental, and the drug will mess with your mind telling you over and over that you NEED to take it, and you NEED to take more and more until your addiction WILL get completely out of control. Good for you wanting to stop now!!!

    While it's bad enough, it's not THAT bad trust me. You can put a stop to it IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO SO! Has to be the most important thing in your life right now - to stop the drugs. The one thing that I see is everyone have success because they really do WANT to stop taking these substances.

    The drugs won't stop themselves - YOU have to stop them yourself! You can do it.

    Suboxone is a great drug and tool to fight addiction with. But it does have it's own set of issues. It's a very strong and powerful opiate, and requires a slow and steady taper to get free of it. And even then some symptoms are present at the end. I had a very high level of addiction and did use subs to get clean. It's WAS the right choice for me at the time, but for you, right now, I honestly don't believe it's the right choice.

    Hopefully others will chime in and offer their own experiences and suggestions. Glad you're here and I wish you the very best no matter what you choose to do!

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    Yea. If I had been willing to come off the norco at a lower dose like that and had enough SELF CONTROL to wean off of it alone then I definitely would've tried to do it without the assistance of a stronger narcotic like sub if I could. (I was averaging about 350mg/day for the last few yrs after a serious injury and I have just switched to sub after 2 days. I am on 12mg a day right now and now feel like that is probably way too high after reading through the threads here.) What I've picked up from reading through these threads is that less tends to be more--With initial sub dose, use of assistant meds in the tapering process, etc.
    Good luck

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