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Need Advice Please Help
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    Hi all,

    Yesterday was wonderful! My granddaughter and I went to a HUGE park about 1/2 hour away yesterday and we had a great time! Didn't think of those little demons once! Exercise, even in my condition, really does help, especially if your love is with you.

    But boy I'm paying for it today, Demon pills are not letting me forget, that's for sure. But I probably did a little too much. But sure had fun doing it. I've definitely been on the couch all doped up way to long!

    <Insert name here> Goodheart (my pet name for her) was well improved, emotionally, scholasticly, manners, everything, much improved. She's doing great at school and Dad has her on a strict schedule, which ADHD kids really need, more than most kids. He's really a good dad and I can see the difference for the better right away. I sure hope he gets full custody. A friend off his put up a go fund me page and they're about half way there. So it's not just grandma's bias that sees how much better she does with dad.

    But d,,n those demons. Every time I move I hurt. I keep telling myself its a good hurt, which it really is because I've been zoned out not feeling anything for a long time. Can't wait for next time she comes!

    I think taper day is tomorrow, I don't remember, the phone will tell me. At least I know what to expect and its nothing like those of you jumped straight off. I wish I was strong enough, mentally, to do that and I have the utmost respect of those of you who did!

    I know eventually I'll jump but it won't be so bad. As long as I stick to the taper.

    Out for now, daddy will be here soon to pick her up. But it was a wonderful weekend!

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    Hi Kat!

    Great to see you are hanging in there! Seems to me you have successfully answered the question you set out to find when you came on. YOU CAN TAPER Great job, keep it up and now you know what to expect each week. There will be good days and bad, but you will get through this, remembering to enjoy your life is vital to your success.

    Good work Kat, keep it up. I can't wait to see you on the other side one day

    P.S. when you get to the last few tapers seems like people do it 2 different ways. 1 is to just take the jump, that is what I did cause I was going crazy to just be done. Others will stay on very low doses until they baseline there then jump.

    The good and bad of these is that the faster you get off potentially WDS can be worse. The flip side is if you stay at lower doses longer its just takes more time than you may want to be totally free of it. The choice is yours and as long as your journey ends clean I don't see a wrong choice.

    Cheers and keep going!

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