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Need advice using soboxone to come off methadone
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    Default Need advice using soboxone to come off methadone

    Hi everyone. I am brand new to this site and hope that i have posted in the correct place. Any advice and support given will be so much appreciated ... So i am currently on 19mgs of methadone. I was on 45mgs and have slowly taperd down to 45mgs with little trouble. Since getting to 23mgs i am reducing by 1mg every 14 days. I see an addiction nurse who prescribes my methadone and supervises my taper. I am wanting to go onto soboxone to come off the methadone to do a quick taper. My problem is that the addiction services, in my opinion try to keep you on medication at every chance they get. She has told mw to teansfer from the 19mgs of methadone to 8mgs of soboxone. Which i think is stupid because I believe i will not need 8mgs and then my body will become addicted to 8mgs when i think i will be ok with 4 or 6ngs. I am considering buying soboxone off a friend and using the support and advice on here to do a quick taper on my own. On the other hand the nurse said if i want. She can induct me onto soboxone on 4mgs see how im feeling then take another 2mgs and if i need to work my way up to the 8mgs which i do think is a better idea. Also it is more safe to do it that way rather than unsupervised with street soboxone. So basicly what i am wondering is there anyone with experience that can tell me what dose of soboxone will be suitable to induct onto from 19mgs of methadone. And also if you could suggest a good taper to get off the soboxone with the most comfort. I have an anxiety disorder and when in withdrawal it is almost unbearble. Also is there any medications that you could suggest for comfort. I am currently also on 10mgs of amatriptyline for restless legg syndrome and 10mgs of paroxitine for my ocd/anxiety disorder. Again any suggestions would be warmly welcomed and much appreciated. Thank you. Kind regards. Sasha

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    Have i posted this in the wrong place ? Just because i notcied other people who have posted yeaterday seem to be getting alot of replies ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegreatone1990 View Post
    Have i posted this in the wrong place ? Just because i notcied other people who have posted yeaterday seem to be getting alot of replies ?

    Welcome. And sorry you received no responses. It happens once in a while.

    I'm real short on time right now but want to provide you with the link to our sub plan. Thousands have used it successfully to induct then taper off. Used it myself and it flat out works! Here's the link below….

    Good job on getting your methadone dose down. I also switched from methadone to suboxone, but got in a big hurry to induct and paid a price by going into precipitated wd's not once, but twice. You want to do the induction correctly by using what is called the Cows (clinical opiate withdrawal scale). The Cows give numbers to different wd symptoms and once you reach a score of 26 or higher it's safe to take the first dose of sub. Time, or how long you wait doesn't matter as we're all different. What matters is using the Cows. Here's the link to the Cows below….

    Most of these sub doctors have no clue how to use subs. Just an 8 hour online class is all that's required. Not many, if any have ever used subs so how can they know. Lots of us here have personal experience and that's where your best advice and suggestioms will come from.

    Once you reach the 26 score you should begin your induction with small doses until stable. Coming from methadone you would take just 1mg and wait at least an hour to give it plenty of time to work. Subs work slower than other opiates. After 1mg you would take afew .5mg doses. After that take .25mg until completely stable. Doing it this way insures you're on the lowest effective dose and not some extremely high dose like the 8mg the doctor suggests. Not that way to do this.

    Read over the sub plan and we'll be here when you need us. Take care and all the best to you.

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    Hey randy. Excellent. I will read that through and through and educate myself on what im doing. And i appreciate you taking the time to send the links and add a few words of encouragement also. Very kind. Thankyou. Sasha

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    Hey Greatone!
    Do whatever Randy suggests. He has guided many of us thru the taper and we succeeded!
    I also transferred from methadone. Also messed up my induction and went into precipitated wds. Hell on earth!
    Download COWS sheet and wait til ur at 26 to take first one mg of sub. It's important not to take the sub too soon!!!
    Proud of you for getting down so low on the methadone and really proud of u for deciding to quit!
    I promise you, life is better without it. Much better.
    Keep posting and will look in on you...
    Hang in there!!

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