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Need help?
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    Default Need help?

    I'm not sure why my post got removed, but I'll explain my situation if this post stays up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GhouL View Post
    I'm not sure why my post got removed, but I'll explain my situation if this post stays up?

    I did read your earlier post and Ricky's response. I'm sorry it disappeared. This site sometimes has a glitch and it happens. I didn't see anything wrong with your post that would have violated the Forum rules but you may want to find them and read them. If the rules are broken, posts will be deleted by the moderators and certain things will get you banned for a period of time. Mostly they include swearing or talking about illicit drugs, Worth taking a look to be sure you are aware of what you can and can not post.

    I am so sorry you have had to go through what you've gone through at such a young age. Doing the math from your other post, I'm assuming you are now in your very early 20's. Is that right? Do you still live at home with your Mom? I know that she's only trying to help you when she shares her script, but Honey--please have a conversation with her to let her know that you want to stop using and no matter what, she shouldn't offer them to you. Ask her to keep them hidden and away from you. Getting and staying clean is difficult enough and it only takes one weak second to relapse. You need to get her on your side to support you in the right way. Right now, she's enabling you and loving you to death.

    How much do you take per day? I am much older than you (63) and I used for nearly 20 years at over 200mg/day at times. I think I was taking 150-180mg/day when I went cold turkey seven years ago. That wasn't my first try but I pray it's my last. My point is, is that you will feel better much more quickly than I did because you're young. If I remember, you said you're ready to begin Day 3? You are over half way to the end of the worst of the physical symptoms so hang on tight and see this through. The aches and restless legs always left very abruptly on Day 5. I was left weak and tired and my stomach rebelled for maybe another week but Immodium took care of it. I and most everyone has a bit of trouble beginning to sleep well again. It took me about 3 weeks to get 4 or 5 hours a night but I've never been a good sleeper and to this day, I only need about 6 hours a night. You're young! You'll bounce back more quickly.

    I know and understand how scary it is thinking about relapse. While you are detoxing, begin to make your plan to stay sober. That might include staying away from friends who use and having that talk with your mother. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Begin new routines and healthy habits. Many people use this opportunity to begin to eat healthy and to begin a regular exercise routine. It helps the healing process both body and mind with a goal of taking care of yourself in every way. Spend some time looking for meetings. AA, NA, CR, any of them because they essentially are all the same concept. This is hard and you don't need to do it alone. Chances of long term sobriety increase significantly for those who participate in meetings and/or one on one therapy. Please consider it.

    Have you found and read the Thomas Recipe? It's a list of vitamins and supplements that can help some of your symptoms. I know you mentioned that you have no money. If I had to choose the most important items on the list, I'd tell you to spend $4 on a box of Immodium and buy some Gatorade and plain water. Be sure to drink as much as you can because detox will make you more susceptible to becoming dehydrated and that makes all the symptoms worse and will add more of them.

    Keep posting. Ask questions and share here using this space as your journal. It really helps. Read lots of other threads and offer your support there too.


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    Hey GhouL, no idea why your post was removed either. Was just looking for it to see if you had updated it. I'm glad Catrina remembered your original one and shared so much great stuff with you! Like I mentioned in my post last night, if you decide to try the L-Tyrosine then you might have to get it online. I get it from Amazon because a lot of the stores don't carry it around here and it's a lot cheaper on there as well. Also, I'm pretty sure you mentioned you had the benzos already, and just wanted to make sure you were being careful with those. They can be just as addicting as the pain meds and even harder to get off of. I hope you're hanging in there, and doing ok!! I think today would be day 4 off the meds for you correct??
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