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Need help?
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    Default Need help?

    Hey all,

    I've been on mostly xanax for just about 6 years now. I've been using it in maintenance form for 2 years--my psychiatrist prescribed me xanax extended release. During these two years, I've very often finished my xanax earlier than directed, and shamefully, I doctor shopped a bit to bridge the gaps.

    I have now successfully tapered down to 1mg to 1.5mg/day of xanax extended release. I've been on this low dosage (for me) for about 6 weeks. A few weeks ago, my psychiatrist dropped me due to a high balance on my account (I'd gotten fired from my job), and it's just so hard and expensive to keep depending on benzos.

    My doctor said I shouldn't have major withdrawal at the 1mg to 1.5mg dosage. I'm almost out of pills, and I'm thinking I'm gonna finish this script and free myself of this habit.

    I have A LOT of neurontin...about 9 bottles of 300mg capsules, and I do take propanolol (beta blocker) daily.

    I'm ready to be free of benzos.

    Any advice? Thoughts? Stories? long does it take to feel normal again after quitting?

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    I was on 1 to 2mg per day of Xanax (non-extended release) for about 15 years. I stopped cold turkey. Spent weeks Googling it before jumping off.

    In my case it took almost 3 years for the withdrawls to finally disappear. I've heard stories of a few months to it never really leaving completely. The damage done to the brain chemistry and body is really bad.

    I know there is a 'recipe' out there much like the Thomas recipe for opiates but I can't find it. Hopefully someone can chime in with the name.

    It's a long road and a long commitment but worth it. Been off for a little over 5 years and never looked back.

    Wishing you a successful and strong journey.
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