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need help?
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    Default need help?

    hey everyone, I'm new on this site I finally got an account because I always find myself reading posts. I am addicted to all kinds of opiates, pretty much whatever I can get my hands on, usually extra strength Vics or oxycontin. I don't take these to get high anymore, I take them just to be able to function and feel normal I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that. But my situation is kind of embarrassing because ive only been addicted for about 7 months, and on average I will only take either about 4-5 vics a day or about 30mg-60mg of oxy. I can't honestly afford much more. But for some reason it has me hooked. Someone has told me I don't even realize how close I am to being free of these terrible things, because I am not taking a lot. But daily by the end of the day the wd symptoms start to happen. I have tried quitting cold turkey before. It only lasted about a day and a half. The anxiety and body aches and trips to the bathroom were just killing me. Not to mention the terrible stomach cramps. But the worst by far is the insomnia. I want to quit all this. Right now. I don't have much of a choice I'm pretty much out of money and I can't get my hands on anything anyway. But it's not just that, I'm ready to kick this and I think now is the best time. It's 1130am and I took about 20mg of oxy an hour ago. But this is all I have left. Tomorrow I want to start this. But I am so scared because I know what's coming. Please, if anyone has any tips or encouragement I would so much appreciate it.

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    Welcome here! There’s a lot of great people here who will be able to give you great advice and help you through this. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it is possible. Usually it’s not as bad as you imagine it will be! You’ve got to really want this.. we all hate spending money, searching for pills, the stress of not having enough. All of the things that go along with addiction. But you have to REALLY want it... it’s possible and life is so much better sober I promise you that.

    You should look up the Thomas recipe. I wouldn’t recommend the part about the benzos unless you’re already taking them, you don’t want to start up another problem. Myself and many others have used it and I believe it really helps. Hot baths/showers helped me to relax and help with the body aches. Drink tons of fluids, water or gator aid. I always struggled with RLS during withdrawl bad but a heating pad on each leg and hilands restless legs from Walgreens seemed to help some. I also stocked up on protein bars for the first few days or so. I didn’t wanna eat anything so I forced myself to eat those. Not having any food in you won’t help anything so if you can eat then go for it! The biggest tool in this process is your mind. Focus on getting clean. Don’t sit around and think about how bad you feel, think about how great you’re going to feel without this stuff in your body. Get up and do something. Clean a closet out. Paint a bathroom. Watch a tv series. Anything that keeps your mind off of it. Unfortunately interrupted sleep usually happens when we go through this. If you have trouble sleeping don’t stress out over it. Don’t lie in bed and watch the clock night after night it will only make things worse. Grab a book or turn the tv on. You will get back to sleeping regular eventually it just takes time so don’t stress over it!

    Again this is very possible there’s a lot of members here who have multiple years clean, go read their story’s. They’re very inspiring. If you REALLY want this you can do it. It’s going to be tough for a few days but I promise you can. The worst days for me we’re always 2-4 and on day 5 things really started getting better after that. Keep posting here, ask questions, whine/complain it doesn’t matter we all did it! I’m sure some others will be by soon to give you even more advice! Congratulations on your day 1!!!
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    Congratulations and welcome. You don't need to feel embarrassed about your addiction. Be glad it's only 7 months and not 7 years. Just shows how quickly they get their hooks into you. I too was hooked on oxy for about 2 years or so. I took anywhere around 300 mg/day. Made the switch to suboxone and rode that wave for another 5 years. It was a long ride but I'm done now and every day keeps getti g better.

    Okc has given you some great advice moving forward. All the physical stuff should start getting slowly better around day 5. Then you got to deal with the mental part of this. Depression, fatigue, anxiety. And of course rls, and insomnia. The insomnia really sux!! It just is what it is. Like okc said don't watch the clock. Take the sleep as it comes. It's usually one of the last things to balance out. Sorry.

    Like okc said you have to want this. More than anything else in the world. It's the fight of your life for your life. I'm really glad you got on here and want to get off these. I could always find a million reasons to keep going back. Just the addict in me I guess.

    Read read read. Find other threads and give them a look. It'll give you some perspective and when I was detoxing it renewed my drive to see it through and never go back to where I was. What else was there to do on the sleepless nights. Lol.

    But anyways, I feel like I bounced around a lot there. But getting back to business
    1.) Thomas recipe for opiate withdrawal. Minus the benzos unless you're already taking them.
    2.) Hydrate!!!!!
    3.) STAY ACTIVE!!! Can't stress that one enough. Get up and do something!!! It helps so much
    4.) Eat healthy, protein, and lots of leafy green veggies.
    5.) Heating pads and Hylands restful legs for rls.
    6.) Imodium for bathroom issues. It will save you!!! Liquid form is best. Take as directed and needed.

    I'm sure I left something out but I know others will be by.

    Keep reading and posting. It really helps. You can do this!!!!
    I can promise you that life free of the garbage is soooo much better.
    I'll be back by later

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    hey 1234 glad you posted, Beef and okc speak the truth. follow the Thomas plan and get up do something, just like they said hot baths, for me when I was really hurting I hit the hot bath it really really helps!!! When my mind was driving me nuts hard exercise stopped that. Like beef said only 7 months on you should get thru this quicker than long term users like me 10yrs 7 1/2 on opiates just like you only larger doses, then 2 1/2 on subs. I was scared to death of quitting because of withdrawals, and I was getting no high from them anymore. DO NOT LET THIS STOP YOU QUIT and don't look back, I do not like suffering and I quit so I know you can. Keep your mind busy and look forward to you becoming you again, it will be over quicker than you think. YOU GOT THIS!!! keep us posted hope this helps.

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