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need help my boyfriends addicted to opiates n xanax
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    Default need help my boyfriends addicted to opiates n xanax

    My bf and i have been together for a little over two years he is addicted to opiates and xanax. it is gettin very bad he does anywhere from 5-8 xanac a day and is shooting 100mg of opiates every 3-4 hrs. this is an everyday thing it is getting to the point were i cant stand to b around him. he always tells me he is qoing to stop using but dont. my other problem with the situation is that his mom gives him her xanax and her rocxy (donno if i spelled that right) every month. she always tries to tell me hes getting better but hes not. i dont know how she can do that when she knows hes had this prob before. she always has to have him around and she will use the drugs to get him to come over and try to start problems between us. she is very jealous that we are together and tells me im am takin her baby aways from her, by the way he is 28. i dont have a prob with her but i dont understand why she would want him to stay addicted. and everytime i talk to her about she always has sone excuse to make it ok when it isnt. Im not sure what to do can anyone give me some advice.

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    I have always been the addict in my relationships, so I've never been thru what you're dealing with, but I can empathize with the stress this is causing you.

    I think you've gotta ask yourself if you really want to stay at this point. As an addict, I can tell you that unless He's ready to get clean for Himself, it won't happen. No matter how much you want to, you can't make him well by loving him, or anything. It's frustrating I'm sure, but it has to come from within him.

    It seems like you have some tough decisions to make. Think about it, post here to vent, and decide what you will and won't tolerate.

    I'm sorry I don't have a better answer, but this isn't an easy situation.

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