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Need help to taper with subs
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    Default Need help to taper with subs

    Hi there! I have been taking opiates since 2007 have tried to quit a handful of times but never could cold turkey and got very close using sub taper once then relapsed. I have 10 2mg subutex right now that I'm holding on to until I can find a way to taper that will work. I don't want to waste them so I've been taking 1 60 mg morphine time release, and approx 1 30 mg oxy code per day. Can anyone help me? This is my first time on this site and I appreciate anyone's advice and time!

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    Hey. I read advice from a guy in forum who calls himself robert_325.he is an expert at inducting people on suboxone then tapering them off within 2 no more than 3 months. First you have to not take any opiates for 48 hours until you are in mild to pretty good withdrawals. Google the COWS worksheet because you have to have a score of at least 26 before you take subs. If not you will go into precipitated withdrawals which are horrible. Once you get to a 26 on the cows worksheet and your body feels like it's in a good moderate withdrawl then you take a low dose 2mg suboxone, wait an hour, see how you feel. Should feel good, if not then take 1 more mg, only 1. Cut a 2mg in half. Wait another hour and you should be good. The key is to get yourself stable for 4 days and then drop your suboxone by 25%. Wait another 4 days when your body is stable and drop 25% again. You drop 25% of the last dose you took. Example 2mg for 4 days then drop to 1.5mg for 4 days. Once stable for 4 days drop to 1.125mg and so on. If you feel at any point during the drop your not stable after 4 days you stay at that dose or up it by a tiny sliver. Supposed to work well. But I don't think you have enough subs to do it. Google robert325 suboxone taper plan. Good luck bro.

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    Soleil: I would post in the sub board. You do not have enough sub to do a decent taper. You have only 20mg. I don't know how far you can go with these. What you do need to do is to go and fess up to your doctor. Subs are not a magic key out of addiction. Please read the sub protocol on the Suboxone Treatment Board. We can see how far the sub you have will take you, but now promises and the subs are opiates and as what you are taking. Using subs improperly will lead you into trouble. Perhaps you can induct at less than 2mg. that would be optimal. But still, it's hard to predict.

    Good luck, I don't like to be negative, just realistic here. I know how hard it is to decide to get off opiates. I'm not making any judgements.



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