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New here. Attempting to get off Norco, wanting to but...need people to talk to maybe?
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    Unhappy New here. Attempting to get off Norco, wanting to but...need people to talk to maybe?

    Hi there. I'm a 36 yo female in Chicago. I've been taking 10+ 10-325mg Norco's for over 2 years, non-stop.

    As a teenager I drank off and on, and after 21 I drank off and on. But I've never had a pill addiction. Never even thought about it. I remember having surgery when I was 22 and my Mom was getting ready to take me home when the dr. asked what kind of pain medication I wanted. My Mom, who always (at least 50 x over the years) said to me "Honey, don't even tempt fate...addiction runs in our family" looked at me and I just kind of shrugged and said "ibuprofen?" He was surprised but sent me home with the RX and I was fine. Granted, the surgery wasn't super involved but the option to get the pain meds was there and I didn't take it. I never took pills my friends had in high school. And as an adult, past 30 years old, I was given Norco for another surgery and took it as prescribed then left the rest in the cabinet. No big deal.

    Some backround on the last few years for me (and since I don't know any of you and you don't know me, excuse the TMI because I'm just going to overshare here for a bit): My husband and I have had issues with our marriage for awhile now. We've been married 10 years. He was abused as a kid and has major sexual issues. Long story short, we haven't been intimate in years. And before you think I let myself go or it must be some kind of vain physical issue with me, let me stop you. It isn't that. And he isn't gay. We just have a completely non-sexual marriage. And it's killing me. So much so that I used to fight with him about it, I used to think there was some kind of hope for us but now we just don't even discuss it. We're friends. I've "accepted" the fact that he isn't going to do the work to make things better for himself or us. And by accepted I mean I've started self medicating with Norco.

    He was in an accident 2 years ago. A pretty severe one. He's been getting prescriptions for Norco ever since along with other meds for nerve damage. I remember the first time I took one just for fun. I was shopping online for some clothes and texting with a friend of mine. She said she was having wine and since I wasn't a drinker, I remembered the pills my husband had and how my cousin had BEGGED me for some when she was in town the week before, saying they were a godsend. I popped one. And felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. Suddenly I was laughing, went over and gave my husband a big kiss which I hadn't done for a long time. I cleaned the house, I took my dog for a walk. For 3 months after that my "glass of wine" at night was one or two Norco. From there it built up and up, exactly like the others stories I've read on here. I then had a tolerance.

    A friend of mine killed himself a year and a half ago. The next month we found out my Mom had lung cancer that spread to her throat. She moved in with us after the cancer spread again to her brain and she was dead almost exactly a year to the day of her diagnosis. I can barely type this without crying, I miss her so much. 3 months after that my beloved 13 yo rottweiler died. She was my best friend and confidant. And the following month my Grandmother died unexpectedly.

    During all of these things, my Norco intake increased to take the edge off of the daily dose of reality I was being dealt. Every time something else happened, I took another pill. I started therapy and the first thing the doctor wanted to do was put me on Xanax and Zoloft. So, since I was all about the pills now I agreed. Then, not only was I taking Norco, I was taking a couple Xanax with it, which as you know intensified the high.

    I don't want to live like this anymore. I don't want to keep living my life waiting for the next RX to be filled. I don't want anymore weird looks from the pharmacists and I don't want to start doctor shopping when they take my husband off the Norco completely. I have many friends and family members who care about me and I've been a ghost for the last 2+ years. They've all commented on how different I've been and asked why I never want to hang out. I pretty much stay home now. I've NEVER been like that. I've always been active and lived and died to be around people. I miss myself.

    There is much, much more to my story obviously but this is the outline and as much as I can stand to type right now. I've seen the Thomas recipe and read some info on Suboxone. But where do I even go to get Suboxone in Chicago? What kind of doctor prescribes that? I'm not really sure where to begin to be honest. Can any of you tell me how you started getting off of whatever pill you were taking? Step by step? I am terrified of withdrawls and since the issues with my husband are still what they are, I'm afraid that after a day or two with no Norco I'll cave and give up just to avoid my life again. I guess I need people to talk to because I can't talk about this with any of my friends. They would be so disappointed in me. I am so embarrassed that this happened. I would be grateful for anything you guys have to offer, even your stories so I don't feel so alone.
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    You are certainly not alone in your struggles. I always knew I " liked the way pain meds made me feel and after a shoulder surgery followed by a back injury where I was on Odin meds for several months I wS hooked. Should be no big deal just stop when the dr stops prescribing right? Well like u I have a husband who has meds for chronic pain due to an injury so I started sneaking into his, and it is sooooo shameful. He knows now that I started doing this. But nobody else does no friends or family not even my best best friend I'm too embarassed and the guilt is horrible. He and I struggle in our marriage we too have sexual issues and other problems ( we fight alot, he is my second marriage) so when I'm stressed I pop a pill. I have started the process of weaning myself off but I can't seem to rid my mind of the cravings. It's like they call out to me. I wish there was something to do or take to make that stop. Bc I'll stop for a week or so then a craving will get me and I'm right back at it. I'm thinking of trying some behaviorism therapy like when I get a craving I'm gonna go for a run or work in the garden something to keep mind and body active. Bc for my sake and my marriage sake I have to stop this.

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