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New here, need support for opiate withdrawal
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    Default New here, need support for opiate withdrawal

    I've been a lurker here for awhile. You guys are inspiring! I've been stepping down from hard opiates for two years. Fighting a thirty year battle. My highest was 12 80 mg a day orally or 15 30mg intravenous. I am down to one norco a day for three months now. I wasn't so bad to let that go but as a disabled person with chronic knee and back pain it's been my savior. I take a several naproxen a day for pain. I need total knee replacements. Anyway. I just wanted to jump right in and introduce myself. I'm Christi. I lost my husband to an overdose two years ago and I'm determined to do this. I wonder how the withdraw will be from one. I still can't sleep. Thanks

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    Hi there..
    Welcome to the forum..
    It can be a little slow on the weekends here..
    But you should be through the worst in 5-7 days from the start..
    Of course everyone is different..
    The most important things are:
    Drink water, healthy juices Gatorade
    Imodium can help
    It is an opiate that does not cross the blood brain barrier
    So no high but can help with the other symptoms..
    There is the Thomas Receipe on here that has great
    suggestions of supplements and OTC meds that really help.
    I still take the supplements and I have been off my doc for over a year..
    I used suboxone to taper
    And jumped from that 5 months ago..

    Minus the benzo on that receive the suggestions are non addicting..
    Time is what helps the most..
    Hide your clocks if you have to..
    Cuz time seems to stop..
    If you can stay busy and do some tasks maybe you have put off..
    That can help with the anxiety..

    I know it is hard
    And I can not even pretend to know what it feels like to lose a husband..
    But I know it must be awful..

    You can stay clean for him until it becomes for you..
    I know sometimes it feels too hard..
    But honestly you never have to go through this again..
    That is comforting...
    You will feel better..

    Please keep posting..
    I go back and read my thread
    Especially if I have a terrible day..
    It serves as a great reminder..
    Of what our lives can look like again
    If we go back to the opiates..

    I will check back later..
    And will post the Thomas Receipe thread..

    Take care
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    Thank you so much Bette, for your reply. Its a sruggle just to find my message I posted. Everyone has so much information, and I can never be the NA group type. My not being able to leave my house for one Anyway your reply was so comforting. Yesterday My sister didnt have my daily Norco (As I mentioned I take one) and I really didnt have anywithdrawl Just no appetite and it took til 8am to fall asleep. I think I could quit them, but Im so scared that after three months at one a day, that I might relapse and go crazy and start taking what I used to. And of course my brain says the one a day isnt hurting me, but Im not myself. I donot have any ambition, and still feel my life is over at 53. I want so much just to feel anything. Like the sand on my feet from the beach. I will keep coming back, and I hope you are doing alright today as well.

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