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Noob here. How are y'all tapering by 25%?
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    Default Noob here. How are y'all tapering by 25%?

    I'm new to the board but have read some posts and really feel like you guys are all here for each other and there is a lot of support to be had here. I'm looking forward to that support as I begin my attempt to get off subutex.

    My question is how are y'all tapering by 25%? I am currently taking About 3 mg a day but I am prescribed the 8 mg tabs because they are so much cheaper than the 2 milligram tabs. But even if I had the 2 milligram tabs it seems like getting a accurate dosage would be hard using tabs. Are you all using a film or something instead or are you just guestimating?

    This is my 2nd time to have to kick subutex and I remember my 1st time being brutal. I am very afraid. Especially since I am just about to begin 7 weeks of 7 12 hour shifts at work.

    I have considered waiting until after the 7 weeks to start my taper but I want off the subs bad.

    Thanks in advance to any and all help and/or advice

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    Hey dobieman. Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on taking your life back. Have you read the suboxone taper plan? It outlines the drops down to .25mg of subs. Then working in the skip days process to let the long half life of the subs to "catch up" and slowly dissipate in your body making for a softer landing. Thousands of members have used it successfully to get clean. It's at the top of the suboxone treatment sub-forum, first thread marked "sticky". Give it a read. You can skip the induction process and scroll down to tapering since you're already taking the subs.

    8mg pills. What I'd suggest is crush the pill with the back of a spoon, divide into 4 equal piles of 2mg each, then you can half those piles into 8 piles of 1mg each. And you can continue cutting the piles in half down to .5mg, then .25mg. Use a razor blade or a credit card. You said you're taking 3mg/day. You want to be consistent with your dosing. Once in the morning, and another 8-10 hours after that. So you can take a 1mg pile and a .5mg pile, place them in aluminum foil and fold them over and mark them with a sharpie so you know how much is in it. Then repeat with your afternoon dose. I know it seems like a pain but it's a lot better than jumping from a high dose. You definitely don't want to do that as you already know. Stay on that dose for 4-7 days, then drop to 2.25mg/day. 1.125mg in the am, and 1.125mg 8-10 hours later. Stay there for 4-7 days and drop again. Rinse and repeat.

    I hope this helps. I'm glad you found us. You couldn't have found a better bunch of people than on this site. Keep posting, it really helps.

    Have a great night!!

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