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Norco/Buprenorphine WD's
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    Default Norco/Buprenorphine WD's

    I took Norco 10/325 recreationally for like 2 years, but would go weeks if not a month without them. I figured since I could do that I wasn't addicted. Sure enough, it hit me like a freight train soon after that. So for the past year or so I've been taking 4-5 a day, tried to quit, twice - went through full-blown WD's for a week, twice - but still no luck, I caved every time. A friend gave me a couple Buprenorphine Hydrochloride (stupid, I know), I took about 1mg once sometimes twice a day for two weeks. They seemed okay at first, but upon tapering a little then totally stopping, I was back in full-blown WD's - this time from the Bupe (I posted recently on the Suboxone WD Forum). After TWO WEEKS of virtually zero improvement, I thought "forget it, I'd rather go through Norc WD's than this, they're so much quicker", so I jumped back on Norco for roughly 2 1/2 weeks - 2-3/day (Also stupid, I know). I'm a songwriter/musician, and the second I started seeing my work suffer - I became so angry and fed up with taking pills/letting them run my life, I flushed ten down the toilet on a whim. I'm out, and this time it's war.

    So now, here we are. I've been clean for 8 days, and things are starting to become clear again. I'm through the worst of the physical WD symptoms (which I can attribute largely to swimming, L-Tyrosine, B6, St. John's Wort, Melatonin, and various other herbs), and I'm starting to feel a little again. Last night was my first reasonable sleep, which was a massive relief. I just need to know how long this malaise will last... I'm so out of sorts and I'm still feeling somewhat "numb" and just indifferent toward everything. Things are DEFINITELY improving, I don't have much of a craving, but it just feels like it's taking longer than any other time I've tried quitting. Is it the Norc/Bupe combo that's making me feel this way? I need to get back normal ASAP so I can get back to work, and time is of the essence. I'm so mad at myself for letting it get this far, it's all my fault and it's my mess to clean up, but it's on - I'm going to do it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a timeline or advice on how to lift my spirits/promote endorphin production? I'm over being in this funk. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks so much.


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    Hi Niko,

    I love it that you flushed your pills and went to war! Awesome! Im 9 days clean off of subs / bup....started with oxycontin. I understand when you say you're over it and want to get on with it and feel 100% already, but keep in mind ....its a process.. trust it, your energy and mental state will take a little time to get to where you were before you used. Its just like when you used, it took time to become addicted , as it did for me and it takes a little time to get yourself back. You are there .. sounds to me like your just having residuals as I am, its normal're a warrior for saying enough is enough...good for you ...sounds like you'll be back to your old self in no time. Proud of you, I am you ,as you are different. Keep fighting the good fight , freedom of the shackles of addiction is bliss...good luck to you.


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