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Norco and kratom addiction :( pls help!!!
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    Default Norco and kratom addiction :( pls help!!!

    I was given Norco a little over 2 years ago and given that I deal with depression, I began using the Norco to heal my emotional pain too. My addiction grew to 10+ Norco a day. My prescription for a month lasts me a week. I am here again, out of my painkillers and swearing to myself that I am done but I'm alone and can't stop beating myself up! I on a break from school and no one knows. I can't tell anyone because I have always been the "good one". I can't let family down. So here I am, I have kratom but that's also addictive and expensive but it stops my withdrawals. I want to learn to not use something to make me feel "better". I want the old me who is a gym, healthy loving person. I am asking for the support of strangers that have been where I am. I have no health insurance and I am a full time student. I live in San Diego, ca and all I can find are walk in methadone clinics. Please help!

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    Are you having withdrawl symptoms for the remaining days that you don't have pain meds? Don't be embarrassed. You wouldn't be the first person to be sucked into addiction and abuse of prescription pain medications. It happens a lot. Besides the fact that you are stuck with nothing to stop your pain, taking that many pills can be dangerous. It also builds tolerance to the medication, making its pain killing ability less effective. I believe narco also has acetominophen in it, which in high doses can cause liver problems.

    The best thing you can do at this point is go to the Dr. prescribing the medication and be honest about what is going on. If you wern't alone, I'd say give the pills to the other person who can then give them to you as prescribed. I think Dr.s are more aware of addiction problems with the medication they give now and being upfront about the problem will save you time and pain in the long run.

    Faded time

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