Hi. I'm new to this. I would appreciate feedback. I am a 64 year old woman with a psychology degree from 1976. Although I worked in clinical in the late 70's / early 80's, I entered other fields, journalism, consultancy and so on.
I experienced anxiety and insomnia due to tragedy within the family, divorce, high work related stress and was prescribed xanax (2 x .25mg daily) and 10mg lexapro.
I asked to see a psychiatrist last November in the belief that therapy would be beneficial.
A junior psychiatrist took 'intake' noted and then I met with the psychiatris.
Within 10 minutes she was writing out a prescription for olanzapine. I was dumbfounded. I said 'you do know there's a difference between mood changing and mind changing drugs?' to be met with 'xanax can be addictive and olanzapine is the latest approach to dealing with anxiety.'
So. We had frontal lobotomies, electric shock treatments but now anti psychotic drugs...
For anxiety and a wish to sleep?
Oh no, no, no. In the words of Shakespeare "Sleep that knits up the sleeve of care". I now take my 2 x .25 at night. Sleep sound. I carry 2 x .25mg xanax with me to protect against being blindsided by unforeseen high stress. That's it. In this spiralling world there'd have to be something wrong with you not to be apprehensive.
I have no intention of putting myself through a wringer because of 'addiction' to 2 x .25mg xanax.
I find it sad to read people struggling so hard to be 'perfect' and being bombarded with talk of xanax addiction when the psychomedical community are pushing chemical sledgehammers.
Best wishes