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Opiate detox (Nopiates for me)
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    Default Opiate detox (Nopiates for me)

    Hi. I've been lurking this site like crazy and figured it best if I join and make my own thread.

    I've been an opiophile from the young age of 14. This was 2002, the height of the prominence of generation Rx. After all, a lot of my favorite musicians (at the time) were doing it.

    However, it didn't become a real problem until I was 20 and landed my first real job. I was always able to maintain my usage at a social level until then.

    The kicker of it all- suboxone, the drug made to fight addiction, is what snagged me. I was on probation for unrelated charges and was clean of everything for nearly a year. I did have troubles with ecstasy in the past, though.

    Then, my buddy brought over this little orange pill and told me how easy it was to get a script. AND, it didn't show up in drug tests at the time.

    I proceeded to insufflate a quarter of one and was Fn soaring. And. Not only did this >>>> lift me, if kept me lifted all day long with residual effects into the next day.

    Thus, I scheduled my appt. and got my script. It was so damn easy back then (2008). I even took in some dirty pee (first time I had to acquire dirty pee- much easier task, btw). However, I wasn't even dropped.

    I left with a script for 60 8mg pills. I filled that sucker and was off to the races.

    Within a year I needed at least a half of a pill to want to do anything but was still getting a buzz.

    Am I the only one who thinks the pills are much stronger than those >>>>>> films, btw?

    I eventually lost my half way decent job bc of runnin out of my script and not being able to go to work.

    Long story short... Since 2008 I've been battling this beast of addiction off and on. However, for each time I would get 8 months, a year, 6 months, or whatever amount of clean time- I would progress further into the depths of extremity.

    Within the last year I began injecting. However, I only injected pills ran through a filter disc because I didn't trust the >>>>>> in my area since I was so far away from the source. I was *ahem* "smart"- I only snorted the >>>>>>! (applaud?)

    The most recent mentionable amount of clean time was in 2012 where I had 6 weeks clean. I felt like a million bucks but eventually fell back into it.

    Since slipping in 2012 up until now I've had many bouts of 1 week, 2 week, and 3 week clean times- just long enough to lower my tolerance and hop back on.

    Getting current... In March 2013 I acquired a steady supply of Suboxone. And, although I despise the drug, it was the only economical solution to keeping my life somewhat manageable. I was able to go to work and do my routine by taking a half 8mg strip at that time.

    On the weekends, however, I would take a whole strip to get a speedy feeling, so I wasn't making much progress.

    However, I did slowly wean down and by August I started to get serious about tapering. I started taking quarters (2mg) and skipping days. Then, I started taking eighths (1mg) and skipping days- 1 day on, 2 days off, 1 day on, 3 days off, etc.)

    I think it's also important to note that starting in August, I began to wait until AFTER work to dose up. I felt it was important to break the habit of waking up and dosing right away. This was a chore at first because my job is physically demanding.

    This also allowed me to be dosed up at home so I actually felt like getting the husbandly duties accomplished. Meaning fixing, installing, and generally keeping the house in order. This underscores a problem of mine I will discuss shortly.

    Also, opiates never seemed to affect my GI tract or my sex drive. As a matter of fact- opiates always seemed to induce bowel movements AND got me "in the mood" as well. I could put porn stars to shame with the stamina I had on opiates, no joke. The size department, though, is another story lmao.

    ANYWAYS- by mid november up to Thanksgiving I was clean- about two weeks. Then I scored some methadone (my sweet melancholy sunshine of a drug) over the holiday weekend so "I could be more sociable around the family".

    I stayed high for three days straight on my beloved methadone (is it weird my preferred opiates are the opiates designed to get ppl clean?). Then I stayed clean for 8 days. THEN I scored some suboxone and stayed high for a few days. Then I stayed clean for 7 days.

    And on this went up until 3 days ago. The week and a half prior to that I stayed high on suboxone for a few days. Then I did a taper with hydrocodone the remainder of the time.

    I took my last 20mg of hydrocodone last Thursday (Jan. 23, 2014).

    And here we are ! I have to say I seem to be an anomaly in the way opiates affect me. They speed me up- not slow me down. They INDUCE bowel movements shortly after ingesting. AND they ADD to my sex drive.

    Also, I do seem to recover quickly, as well. That's not to say I've never been mortally sick from withdrawals, but they seem to fade much faster than my dope fiend buddies. Even the suboxone when I was on it bad- 4 days and I was physically fine.

    This time, with the gradual suboxone taper and switching to small doses of hydrocodone afterwards along with the multiple amount of recent intermittent clean times, my physical symptoms are very minor. I feel very grateful for this. The only time it was bad was last night before bed I had some diarrhea but I've been sleeping fine without the RLS and everything.

    ^there are a few things I've found that help ease the symptoms which I'll cover at the end and give some insight into why I think I recover so fast, aside from being relatively young- 26.

    However, the physical symptoms were always easy to me as I think I get off on the pain in a perverse way. I always say to myself "you reap what you sow" when I'm physically dope sick and it seems as if receiving the punishment of the opposite reaction of opiates gives me some kind of perverse pleasure as I'm puking into the toilet.

    Luckily, though, it isn't nearly as bad this time. And, this is where I need some advice.

    Although my physical symptoms are nearly nonexistent, especially going into day 4 as I type this, the mental fatigue and malaise is ALWAYS my downfall.

    I swear, if I were to work 24/7 I would have ZERO need for opiates. It's only when I get home to where I'm the authority figure and I don't have the crack of the employment whip at my back that I start to get cravings.

    Opiates just give me that boost I need to be a father, keep the house in order, and runs my errands after a day at work. And, even on the weekends when I don't have to work during the day and am not physically fatigued- I still need a dose to feel like getting off my ass and being the man I'm supposed to be.

    Obviously, going into day 4, I don't expect to have that lust for life back quite yet. But WHEN does it get better?? Are there any techniques anyone has found that help them overcome this timeframe of malaise? This is my one and only downfall back to using and I need to conquer it. I have a baby boy due in 4 months and I want to be a clean and sober, craving free father when I meet him for the first time. This >>>> has already robbed my daughter of nearly 7 years of having a REAL father who doesn't have to dose up to have the desire to be a part of her life! I'm so fuxking sick of this back and forth game I've been playing!!! Agh!

    So yeah, any help with that is greatly appreciated .

    Now, I'm gonna go over a few things that I think help me recover so quickly from the withdrawals.

    - First of all, I'm young and stay in decent shape and eat healthy. Most addicts ignore this aspect of life but for me- the higher I was, the more motivated I got toward being healthy. I work out, eat whole foods (organic when I can afford it), and drink A LOT of water every day. I believe this is the main reason I recover so quickly. However, it may just be my age, and I want to fully kick this before 15 more years go by and I'm trying to do this with decreasing testosterone levels.

    - Second, being a health nut, there are a few supplements I know of that seem to hasten the process. Aside from an ACTIVE MULTIVITAMIN DERIVED FROM PLANT SOURCES...
    I believe an antioxidant supplement is the most important supplement to take.
    I find "Amazing Grass" brand "Acai/Green" powder mix to be the best. It comes with a purple label and has 40,000 ORACs per single scoop. This is an amazing amount of antioxidants that you would never be able to get by eating foods alone. Also- I NEVER get sick when maintain a regimen of this stuff. It has other goodies like spirulina and blue green algae, as well. However, it is expensive (for my budget), and when I do run out I do get sick.
    The brain goes trough a lot of oxidative stress during detox and the more antioxidants you get the better.

    - Third, I always make sure I get plenty of Omega EFAs I prefer organic Flax Oil over Fish Oils. I'm not a vegetarian but I do try to get nutrients from plant sources any time I can.

    - Fourth, I drink Organic, unadulterated Raw Milk. This stuff is amazing. Research it yourself. There are even lactose intolerant people that are able to drink raw milk.

    - Fifth, I drink organic raw eggs raised on a local cage free farm. Raw eggs have detoxifying effects in the stomach and give you many more nutrients than when cooked. It's not as gross as it sounds. However, there are risks if you eat eggs from an unscrupulous source. Do research before you go drinking raw eggs. I wouldn't eat, let alone drink any raw eggs from big box stores such as Wal-Mart.

    Other than that, if my stomach gives me fits I'll take some loperamide (Immodium). That stuff works wonders. Maybe some Gabapentin or muscle relaxers to sleep the first few nights if needed. This time, though, my symptoms were so minor I decided not to use them. I figure the less chemicals I put into my body the better.

    So yeah. That's my longwinded first post about my struggle thus far. I'll be updating this as I go.

    Feel free to give some input, especially about overcoming the malaise. It seems the only time I have any joy to do anything is when I'm dosed up. Remember that feeling you would get when you were a kid about going somewhere you loved like say a go-kart track? I LOVE that feeling, but it seems these days I can only acquire it through opiates. Will I ever get that back? Please tell me I will!

    Thanks for your time .

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    Day 5

    Got my first wave of natural feel good this morning. Albeit, it lasted only a few minutes, I'll take whatever I can get.

    Nervous about what today will bring though. Today is the day of the month the methadone usually comes around and although I can't really afford it, I'm afraid I might rationalize myself into just getting a few and having to start my clock back over.

    Got my phone turned off for now but will eventually have to turn it back on.

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    Congrats on day 5! That's great.

    As for the malaise, working out works wonders. You said you already exercise so keep it up. Almost everyone says that lots of exercise helped them tremendously with the malaise. You have good habits of eating well and taking supplements.

    Try to be patient. Your mind and body is healing but it takes time.

    Take care and keep up the good work! Also, you might want to re-post your original post in a new thread on the "Need To Talk" board. It gets a lot of traffic and you'll get more replies.


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    I am just a mom who suffers with MS FMS CFS and a car accident and ended up on opiates for ten years .ast Christmas I was really DONE! I tried wirhdrwal ease and man this stuff works ! Recovery I ease is another miracle as it keeps me happy and now I'm on my second detox from a bad accident but I fear nothing with withdrawal ease products and immodium and some melatonin with lots of Gatorade ! It works so good I am happy to say I can be opiate free for life with this stuff. Why are doctors keeping us addicted and suffering withdrawal symptom? I won't again! Never ! I want to enjoy life and have my kids happy and not a mom who can't move without taking opiates. They controlled my life! No one knew and I am now recovering from my accident and tapering and have no withdrawal symptoms! This stuff really works for the most hard core addicts to moms like me that just got caught with a doctor who pushes opiates as the answer! No more ! Try this stuff and I tell you it will change your life! It gives you energy and has recovery ease for the malaise. It works and is worth every dime! It saved me once and now it it saving me again. I started it two days ago and I feel fine!

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