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opiate relapse
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    Default opiate relapse

    Hi just wondering if anyone on here has any advice for a relapse on day 5 of withdrawal?
    I've been taking opiate for 18 months , and like most was using in excess amounts . Then a week ago , I decided enough was enough I hated having to plan my entire life around my next prescription. So I threw out my prescription and did 5 hard days of withdrawal, but then relapsed but I only took 2x 10ml of morphine for the last two days.
    What I'd like to know is how far back has this relapse sent me? I've now only got enough for 1 every day for a week , should I continue to taper or just jump off? A major problem for me is that I have no family so I'm completely alone , and absolutely devastated I relapsed , I hate myself for it .
    if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated thanks .

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    First-- hugs and hugs and hugs to you! What you're doing is so brave and scary and a lot of people sadly don't make the leap or even attempt it, and LITERALLY you either die on drugs or get off drugs. There isn't a third option. I know that sounds like a DARE poster but that notion really struck a chord with me. As for your question, I don't think you're back to a full reset. Every day not using is a day where your brain and neurotransmitters are rebalancing (and it hurts, hence depression, wd, etc). Is there anyone in real life who can help you out, be a shoulder to cry on, whatever, during this rough time? This board is a life-saver, but if there's someone who might not know your secret and you could trust them to tell them, it might make this a lot easier having a buddy to help out and cheer you on. And if not-- I'll be that buddy! xoxo, 5Years

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