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Opiate Withdrawals
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    Default Opiate Withdrawals

    Fiirst >> like to say that I am not selling anything. Any recommendations or suggestions that I make, always do your own research before even considering it. Not to mention, I'm more just telling you my experience with tapering and quitting in 5 days.ok so

    Hi... I'm a 33 yr old opiate addict. I have a 7 yr old son and I am a single dad. Just after he was born, I had a serious kidney surgery. Shocker! Been hooked on 30mg blue oxy's ever since. But then again, I partied my whole life with every drug in the book. You name it, I've done it. Aside from ibogaine and methadone, I've done it all. Even payote. Am I proud? No. If anything I'm ashamed. All the other drugs never came close to opiates for me. Well except for benzos(Xanax)I regularly partied so I always used Xanax to come down. Oddly enough, I was always able tofunction normally, Without withdrawal. I never even knew what WDS were before benzos and opiates came along. Yes I kicked a 13 yr Xanax addiction a month ago. Tried quiting both opiates and benzos at the same time, but it almost killed me. Ended up in the ER. Do not ever try to quit both addictions cold turkey at the same time. And keep in mind that I am a life long experienced drug user. With that said; if your going to attempt my method, which has worked for me every time with minimal to no withdrawals, make sure someone's around or have some kind of support system. And by method I really just mean a quick taper that doesn't effect your body while your cutting it down. Usually, most users experience withdrawal even when taking the drug. Especially when tapering down. Your body is accustomed to a certain amount, and you better believe that Itl remind you. But with a 15-30 minute extension of your dosages, doesn't affect you much. You adjust with each dose and almost fool your body into lowering it's tolerance ever so slighlty. And again, never try quitting alone. A family members a friend, and ideally under a doctors supervision, although I have to be honest and admit tht I did this alone mostly, but did have the company of my brother and my son. But they had no clue what I was up to. Being alone through these times NEVER helps. Remember that. This goes out to all of you who think there's no hope or will power left. That's all in your head.

    So let's go back.... Oh yeah, so now I'm addicted to blue oxy's. For those of you unaware of it, these are the Creme de la Creme of opiates. Fast acting, Instant release, 30 mg oxycodones. At first it was 2 or 3 a day, and I'm embarassed to admit that for the last two yrs, I've averaged 10-20 a day. Even up to 30 some times when I binged. Long story short, my life sucks now. I have to force myself to even make my son a bowl of cereal before school. Driving him to school is even worse. I don't want to shower, I don't care if my breath smells. My hygiene is out the window. Anyhow enough negative bull>>>>. Last week I had a random dream that felt like an epiphany. In the dream I got to experience a flash back to my past when my son was 1 yr old, and I hadn't even touched a pain killer yet. I was.... Happy. Smiling, running, and playing basketball! Oh yeah, I used to love playing basketball. It felt so real! That's when I woke up and I felt a sensation that I could finally have my life back... if I just f&@$?! Quit!

    So I got on line, read some people's testimonies, and got some inspiration. Mind you, this is my 15th serious attempt to quit. I've succeeded everytime for at least 2 weeks to 3 months. But I always relapsed. Since my first surgery 5 yrs ago, I've had two more. That's when I found out that I was born with a semi rare birth defect called EDS(ehlers Danlos syndrome) you can look it up, but it pretty much much means that I injure easily, and heal slowly. Great, another excuse to pop pain killers. Both shoulders can dislocate while I sleep from just rolling over. Sucks, but hey, everyone has problems. I used to blame my doctors for the addiction they always so happily provided scripts for. But it's still my fault. Cuz it soon turned into just wanting to get high. But I digress. After reading a few forums, I realized that this drug, along with many others, turns everyone into the same, lying, cheating, antisocial reject. (No offense) most of us, if not all, usually end up lying to our family about everything like our Financial, emotional, and physical problems. We all end up on the couch or in bed just wanting to get high. And if anyone is around, it's prob cuz their either selling us the pills, buying some pills, or the worst of all.... Hanging out and taking pills. Misery truly loves company. Doesn't need it, but if it's there, it better be high like me.

    So I started thinking of my addiction as a cancer last week. Cuz I imagine if I had cancer, and was on chemotherapy, >> prob still be the exactly same person. Antisocial, tired, depressed, sick, nautious, and only wanting to be alone on the couch to watch tv. Most of the time I'm not even paying attention, so really I'm just staring at the tv. Pathetic. So now that I look at the opiates as cancer. Aaand Im pretty sure no one chooses to have cancer. Especially willingly, so why should I?! Right? So last week, I tried my method(quick taper) again. I call it a method, because it is exactly that. Took a bunch of tries to get it right, but with diligent reading, researching, and experience, I think I got it. I'm not recommending anyone try it my way, especially without consulting a doctor first, but this was my method......but first, I made my myself a promise that I would never again take another opiate, in less time than my last dose. More so, if at the beginning of my taper; if my first two doses were 2 hours apart, then my next dose had to be at least 2 and a half hours later, then the next would be 3 hours. So on and so forth. Reason being is that your bodies tolerance can go down just as fast as it goes up, if you push your doses apart by 30 min. Or even 45-60 min. Increases. Here's what my chart looked like. Keep in mind that no doctor would ever provide this amount of pills. Like many of us, I resorted to selling to keep up with my habit. And I only started my taper at this high dose cuz thats where my personal tolerance was at. So for others, start your taper at where your comfy. Which I hope takes much less than what I needed.
    The things I used were your basic melatonin for sleep, valerian root for wd's, a supplement called Sam-e for mood(expensive but worth it),of course, copious amounts of weed. It helps stimulate the appetite and relaxes the stomach. Some people take Imodium, but quite frankly, I look forward to all the crapping. There's nothing good about keeping it in. Plus I took b vitamins, and the most important ingredient for the end of the taper is Kratom. It's legal in the US, so research it before considering to try it. I'm not gonna include how much of the natural stuff I took, as it differs from each person. But I took all of them except Kratom every day during my taper. The Kratom is for after u take your last dose. It helps opiate wd's like nothing I've ever tried. Suboxone works too, but it's an opiate that's just hard to kick. If u binge on Kratom, you'll feel minor restless legs at night for 2 nights when u stop, but I'll take that anyday over opiate wd's. Anyhow it looked like this

    Day 1
    7:30 am 1 30mg oxycodo(or one blue)
    2 10mg hydrocodone(yellow)
    9:00 am 1 blue 2 yellows (1.5 hours)
    11:00am 1 blue 2 yellows(2 hours)
    1:30. 1 blue no yellows (2.5 hours)
    4:30. 2 yellows (3 hours)
    8:00pm 1 blue 1 yellow ( 3.5 hours)
    Midnight 1 blue 2 yellows(4 hours)

    Day 2
    4:30am sharp!! Half(.5)blue (4.5H)
    9:30 am .5 blue 1 yellow. ( 5 hours)
    3:00pm. .5 blue 1 yellow. (5.5 hours)

    ***quick side note.... See now normally if already be going through the beginning stages of withdrawal after only 4 hours. Some how the body adjusts to the duration if u slowly push it. Even 15 min will do for some. Cuz once it gets passed the 8 hour mark, your body starts recovering slowly. You'll have more bowel movements, and a slight appetite increase.

    9pm .5 blue 1 yellow. (6hours)

    Day 3
    4:00am .5 blue 1 yellow(7 Hours)
    11:15am .5 blue.1yellow (7.15 hours)
    9:15pm. Last .5 blue 2 yellows(10H)

    Day 4
    Noon!!! Whaaaas!! Woke up and don't even feel the urge. I mean, a little restless but not that bad. Anyway,

    It's 12:00pm on day 2 yellows (15H)
    4:00 am last 2 yellows. Plan now is to sleep, and take a teaspoon of Kratom blended in some chocolate milk.

    Day 5

    11:00 am 1 teaspoon of Kratom

    It is now day day 15 and I've already stopped the Kratom. If you don't feel better after 30 min, take another half teaspoon. Make sure not to take more than 4grams per dose, but don't worry, worst thing that can happen is you feel drowsy, or worst case is vommiting but very seldom. Reason Kratom works is because shares some alkaloids with opiotes and works an agonist or a blocker. Try to only use it in the mornings to get going, and at night to sleep. Lesser amounts are stimulating, and larger amounts are more sedating. Again, do your research.

    Well that's my stories guys. Thanks for taking the time out to Read a piece of my life. I know it's only day 15, but I truly feel a difference this time. I really whole heartedly want to quit. I like spending time with my family and actually enjoying it. It's nice eating good food and actually listening and feeling the music. I'll keep you posted as to my progress. And if you take anything away from my story, it's that you should forget about your >>>>>> track record with quitting. Don't let your past failures affect who you are today in a negative way. If anything, they should motivate you. Throw the relapse out the window. Never again fear the imaginary future relapse that is to come, just because you've always ended up relapsing. Your future is going to be a series of actions you make from here on out. The past has no barring on it. Remember, addiction is a cancer. Why would you choose to have cancer?

    I hope nobody thinks I'm giving bad advice to those of you that needed longer periods of time to taper. That's usually because people tend to relapse more often than not when tapering fast. But if you truly make up your mind and WANT to quit... Then your focus should shift to never getting high, and only using to prevent the sickness. Eventually you'll be able to go longer periods of time between doses, and normalcy will slowly creep back into your life. That alone is enough motivation to get you through the end of it when you finally quit. The rewards of tapering are huge. The rewards of quitting are astronimical. I taught myself guitar and chess in the matter of days.

    Anyone can do it. Good luck

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    I re posted my story from last month cuz I had to change some points. It is now day 33 and I'm still feeling better with each day. My body naturally needed less and less Kratom, so I stopped. Just took some ibuprofen at night to help with a little RLS, and then back to normal after two nights. I'm spending quality time with my son, family, and friends, my social and work life couldn't be better. And most importantly, I'm truly happy. It seems so long ago, but this month has been a better high than all of the drugs in the past. If your suffering, and discouraged, just remember that taking less, less often is the key to recovery. The key is having the courage to responsibly take it as medicine to prevent the sickness. Until your tolerance goes all the way down. Yes cold turkey is the fastest way, but also the most dangerous and highest chance of relapse. A proper organized taper, not only puts things into perspective, but has many physical and mental benefits too. It's like a taste of what being sober is.

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    I'm curious why no one has commented. I hope it's clear that I am not selling anything.

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