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Oxy withdrawal w/subs day 7
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    Default Oxy withdrawal w/subs day 7

    I had 2.5 yr Oxycodone habit up until 9 months ago it was maintained at snorting 15mg, slowly starting earlier in day.
    Went to Costa Rica and ran out and was off them for 6-7 weeks this march/April,I think I detoxed rather easily because it was 15mg, i more sufffered from detox off benzos, worse i dont really enjoy coke but its a way of life with where and who i was with in Costa Rica,its like an afternoon coffee and I was trying to numb myself from a breakup and possible pending federal indictment.
    Upon my return to the states the paws was probably present, as well as benzo detox, cocaine detox,alcohol detox,testosterone detox, the break up hit me and I lost all sense of reality and my identity, my head was buzzing I was obsessed with suicide but my fear and lack of energy prevented it. Even though I had $ I had no job,no support, no path
    And literally didn't have to do anything but wallow in sickness and self pity.

    I restarted oxys in april still trying to escape breakup,indictment, and now an added disappointment/stress of my best friend of 25 years screwing me over in business partnership
    I started at 15mg and gradually increased up to 90mg for the last 6 weeks until 7 days ago when I had had enough...
    At 48 hours 2mg sub
    At 84 hours 1mg sub(36 hours between doses)
    At 124 hours .5mg sub(40 hours between)
    Currently at 156 hours(32 hours since last dose and feel I can ride out most of day til next dose)
    My plan is to next take .25mg and then stabilize at that increasing time between dosaging as long as I can
    Until I decide to jump maybe after 2-4 doses of that.

    MY plan is to get appt with shrink ASAP as I know by sounds of it CLONIDINE would help
    With RLS as that is main reason I end up taking subs,hot flashes and claminess suck by manageable.
    anxiety, panic, were preexisiting but now greatly amplified,being controlled with Xanax nightly, sucking up during day.
    Ideally I am hoping for smooth transition off subs at low dosing and into non narcotic mood stabilizer which way overdue
    And what originally needed to be medicated,I hope this can help and also soften the blow of PAWS once the subs are out of system.

    I understand my post is coming from a man with subs in his system but I feel I do not have addictive personality
    Until the blues and I realize my reason for use. My real highs come from working out, walking beach,playing golf,
    I am otherwise in good health and went to store to get all the herbal supplement to help with neurotransmitter repair.
    I'm a research guru and take my sobriety serious and want my life back, I have setback and get depressed when I read
    Opiate relapse is almost guaranteed by the numbers,I'm looking to defy odds.
    I like the fellowship of NA and AA but I don't want to be a lifer there, I want to be one of the ones who beats this and never looks back, and focuses on work and hobbies, however I will always have a conviction and responsibility to help those in need like they have for me. i am typically pessimistic and skeptical but the subs and desire to live again
    Have me in a good frame of mind.
    This morning is the first day I feel grounded and my head is not racing as bad and I can complete a task and focus
    A tad better. had a setback in that the highly recommended shrink I wanted to see was way to expensive for me without insurance, but I will research and find another
    I'm confident in my plan but I respect the journey and opinions of others so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    GOd Bless all of you, as your postings allowed me the knowledge I needed to make this choice and begin the repair process.

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    Yeah, sleeping pills are bad. Withdrawl from them is hard and long. With the opioids, you still feel like >>>>.
    I've know a couple people that have come off of hard drugs and they said that cutting all ties with the people they hung out with to get high helped. Its hard to stay clean when you are surrounded by people who are still using. I think its a little like alcoholism. Once an addict, you are always technically an addict simply because one dose can send you back into the same place you worked so hard to come from.

    Your attitude is good and you seem to have your mind set. No one can make you stay off drugs, which is why those interventions fail so often, it has to be your decision and the time has to be right for you. I think you will make it.
    Faded time

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