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Oxycodone cold joint pain
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    Default Oxycodone cold joint pain

    I've been taking oxycodone since November for back pain and then back surgery, I was rear-ended driving home 2 weeks ago so had recently been taking 20-30mgs a day for pain. I ran out of Oxycodone on Saturday and my doctor was closed Sunday and did not get back to me today. I am now having severe joint pains in ankles and wrists, is this normal? I know now from what I've read stopping oxycodone cold does not seem to be the best method, unfortunately if I knew this I would have lowered dose to plan for running out before I could get refill and taper off. Any advice on relieving joint pain during this, I've taken ibuprofen and Acetaminophen without any relief, also took a dose of bena dryl to try and help sleep but the pain is keeping me up. A little background I have also had both ankle and wrist surgery in past so I'm used to some pain in these joints but not like this. Thanks

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    Though I'm still pretty new To the "drug-free" thing, I've totally been where you are now. Many, MANY times I've burned through my script and have had to scramble (buy on the street) until my Dr was willing to give me more.

    It sounds like you've developed a physical dependency on the oxycodone and are now going through withdrawl. The body aches are a "normal" part of WD...and I can agree that they totally suck!!! (I'm on day five of WD and the body aches have been brutal) And for me, no OTC meds help, I've just had to deal.

    Theres not a lot that's been working for me to help with the pain (aside from a simple determination to FINALLY get my life back). Try a hot bath or heating pad. The relief is short term but it definitely helped. I've also used Voltairn which has helped a bit.

    It's not my place, but as you've only been on the meds since November, maybe you should talk to your Dr about other options for pain management. I know how scary it is to face the day without the meds but it may be worth considering before three months becomes three years.

    Good luck!

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