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Oxycodone Withdrawal
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    Default Oxycodone Withdrawal

    I am a chronic pain patient (spinal stenosis, arthritis, severely compressed discs, surgery in 2012-laminotomy and discectomy. I have been taking 40 mg oxycodone IR for approx. 4 years. 25 mg upon waking...15 mg in evening. I tapered 2 years ago and got down to 5 mg but found it impossible to jump off. Ended up back up to 40mg. Tried to taper again about a year down to 20 mg and the pain pushed me back to 40 mg. I am very physically dependent as I begin to feel withdrawal before each dose. But I need to get off this stuff. I hardly eat, have no motivation, lay in bed all day, no social interaction. Need to take milk of magnesia around twice a week for the severe constipation. I also suffer from lifetime generalized anxiety disorder and depression. I take 1.5 mg clonopin and 30 mg seroquel at bedtime. I contacted a psychiatrist who specializes in opiate withdrawal but using suboxone which I don't want to do. So...what suggestions would anyone have for me for a successful taper? I'll take it as slow as needed. At this point I am so scared...thinking 2.5 mg a week and even slower once I get to 20 mg a day...maybe 2.5 every 10-14 days. My regular psychiatrist would provide any med I need to help me. I already have a ton of valium and propanolol. On my first taper I used oxepam which seemed to help. Diarrhea will be a major problem since I suffer from IBS-D before getting on the oxycodone and a normal day was 3-6 trips to the bathroom a day. Last month my pharmacy had to order the oxycodone and I had to go almost a day without it and it was pure hell. I am starting a new round of physical therapy next week which will probably give me more pain initially since I hardly move all day. Any advice you all could provide to me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

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    hey, srg......

    Welcome to the board. If I am understanding correctly, you want to get off the oxycodone? I am not a doctor, but we have quite a few nurses with tons of knowledge. so maybe they would be able to help. Don't give up, someone will b e along to offer more assistance than I am able, but just hang in there....everyone works and don't get on the forum but a few times a week.

    Good luck on your journey! Hope I don't sound stupid, but didn't want to not respond to your post,

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    Thanks for replying silver lining and yes, I would like to get off the oxy. But today my pain was so bad I needed 50 mg to get through the day. So how do I taper and deal with the increase in pain? Tough stuff.

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