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Pain killers Addiction
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    Default Pain killers Addiction

    I was addicted to pain killers because I endured a very horrific car accident. I had back surgery and I was going through hell. Felt like a nightmare, and I kept asking myself 'why me' 'why me.' Once the pain was gone, I was still lying to the doctors and told them that I had pain, and they increased my dosage. I was taking them like it was nothing. I got hooked and then when I ran out I went to another doctor and he prescribed me more pills. It was ridiculous.

    Then one day my girlfriend came home and told me that she was pregnant and was expecting a girl. I was shocked and didn't want my baby girl seeing her daddy taking prescription drugs. I just wanted to get better and build a family with my now fiance. So I went cold turkey and then checked myself into rehab and now it's been five years since I've been clean and I wouldn't ever go back to taking prescription drugs.

    While doing research on inspiration videos, and trying to figure out who else has been through this and I came across former football player Ray Lucas. He was addicted to prescription pain killers, and he has all the money in the world to spend on this addiction, but instead he decided to get help. The link down below is the video that I came across.

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    Hey Matt thanks for sharing, I never thought about football players taking pain pills but I guess it makes sense... Wow!. And congrats on getting/staying clean for your baby girl.

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