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Panadeine taper
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    Default Panadeine taper

    Hi, I've been dependent on OTC panadeine extra and sometimes panadeine forte for at least 6 years due to a chronic pain condition. Since surgery now that pain has gone, I need to taper off 60 mg of codeine. Previous daily amount would of been easily 12 tablets a day of panadeine extra, I've managed to reduce and taper down to 60mg. I need my life back and want to get off these things .. any advice on best way possible would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Welcome Sealover! I don't have specific experience with those drugs my drug of choice was oxys - day 10 today. Are you working through a doctor or trying this on your own? Do you want to taper or go cold turkey?

    For the tapering I suggest cutting down very slowly to avoid the w/d process or at least to try and not have it be as bad. I tried the taper process but honestly it wasn't for me because I had no will power.

    Cold turkey was the route I took. Yes, it was a few days of misery but at day 10 feel much better. The first 3 to 4 days are always the worst but you can get past them. After that it's more mental then physical, although everyone is a little different on timeframe.

    If you are able to I would talk to your doctor. Do they know you are working on getting off of the meds? They can help you slowly come down and prescribe some alternative meds to help with the withdrawls.

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