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Percocet Taper
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    Default Percocet Taper

    I have been an addict for almost 7 years on and off with taking as much as 6-8 months of at a time and unfortunately relapsing. I started because of a serious shoulder surgery. I was taking anywhere from 6-8 5mg percocet a day. But to speed up the story I ended up at points taking 240mg a day. I lost my brother and not only do these kill physical pain but they have the power to kill mental pain. Anyway I tapered before and found it to be really easy as long as you have self control. I started a taper 4 days ago from anywhere between 150mg-200mg a day on average. I've cut my dose down to 40-45mg these past few days. And plan on cutting at least 10-15mg per week so this can be done quick with bearable pain. I'm creating this thread hoping some people can either ask the way I found easiest or have there own ways. I work at least 6 days a week so taper was my only choice. At points lower back pain and leg cramps happen but certain Otc meds, foods, vitamin and family can help out a lot. I'm asking people to post on this thread with there taper stories to help other people out. It's Thursday night now and by Monday I plan on being on no more than 30-35mg. I will consistently post and post my complete taper schedule when finished with hopes that I can help someone. Please post to help others including myself. So that we can be our own support group without any judgment.

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    There are a few on the boards who tapered their DOC. You are blessed as most of us cannot: all or nothing! as we say. Who knows why? It isn't simply a matter of will, if it were we wouldn't be here in the first place, I guess. I commend you on the strength to taper!!! It would be most helpful if you post your taper as many ask. Sunshine1112 on 'need to talk' did a taper. We do not judge people here who taper, that is a choice. I wish I could have tapered, but having pills around is too tempting for this addict. Keep moving forward!!!!


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    I think for me it had to do with how I used my meds as they were all given legally for medical reasons. Did I always take as directed on the since I had pain and did not want to go into wds I always made sure I had enough to last the month. I was very controlled in my meds when I was using them for so long therefore when I said I wanted to stop taking as they were not helping with the pain anymore I think it was easier for me to taper.

    The other thing is with tapering pills you can do it all different ways and no one way is better its what works for that individual. My big thing was fear so I had to let my brain know I did not need them so for me getting out of those habit times and learning to deal with life and pain was very important.

    Congrats on making the decision to finally get off them for good and trying to help others with your journey.
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    I've been so concentrated on my taper and work that I haven't updated on where I am. I'm a little behind where I wanted to be but as of now I'm at 20-25mg per day. To be honest it hasn't been that hard. I kinda use some of the things on the thomas recipe and make sure to have my family and girlfriend help and support me. Once finished I will post my daily taper and the vitamins and food I used to help my withdrawal. I never thought I would say it but to get through my break through pain I've just been using Advil and it has worked. It only helps for a couple hours but it buys my body and mind time to udjust to not having opiates in my blood and mind. Thank you for those who responded. It has helped
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