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Percocet Withdrawl Fears, Pls help!
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    Default Percocet Withdrawl Fears, Pls help!


    Long story short. In 2011, I went cold turkey on a 3 year daily use liquid hydrocodone addiction (Tussionex). Since then I've been clean, healthy and active.

    Exactly 3 weeks ago, I had a subacromial athroscopic bone decompression and rotator cuff repair surgery on my right shoulder and was prescribed Percocet for the pain.

    I began taking 2 5/325mg Percocet/Acetaminophen pills every 4 hours. Since then I've taken myself down to 2 pills in the morning and two in the evening and finally to just 2 pills in the evening after my PT home exercises. My question is, can I expect those horrible withdrawal symptoms again? I am utterly terrified of falling into a pain killer addiction again and I'm at the point where I'm wondering if I should just stop taking them alltogether and if I do, will the withdrawals happen.

    Also, It's been exactly 25 hours since my last Percocet dose.


    Cool story, I was able to click my profile and see my 2011 posts while I was coming down hydro and it was very emotional, in a positive way, to see all the support and my own account of how horrible withdrawal was. I definitely don't want to go through that again and I have every intention of calling my Dr. tomorrow to express these same concerns but this forum got me through that very difficult time so I want to get you guys' feedback on the matter as well.
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    Three weeks of very light usage? Nope. You might get a little tummy upset or passing leg pain, but your usage has been short and low dosage.

    GOOD for you for staying alert to the signs. You've learned much from your new sober life. Keep it up!

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    Hey Anonymous
    You'll be just fine. Go down as low as you can or just quit. It won't be like last time.
    You can do this!

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    Good for you to be aware of all the ugliness that lies in wait if you ever let this get out of hand. Do you mind sharing your original username with us?

    I'm sort of in the same boat as you right now! I quit cold turkey in January 2010 and learned to deal with my back problems with over the counter stuff. 2015 wasn't kind to me and after nearly a year of the pain being relentless, I agreed to surgery. My first step was to tell my surgeon that I have issues with narcotics and to mark my chart NO IV MED! I didn't know how I'd feel after surgery but the one thing I knew is that I had to assess my level of pain for myself. And that's exactly what I did. I took only Tylenol when I was in the hospital (1 day and 1 overnight) and was discharged with a nice script for percs (two 5mg every 4 hrs). I ignored those instructions and let my real pain dictate what I needed. I took 1 pill twice in the past 2 weeks and they weren't even on the same day. That's me. If it was unbearable, I would have used them for sure.

    Having said all of that, I'd just suggest that unless you really need them, try something over the counter. If you need them, then use them. I was pretty amazed that one 5mg pill knocked me for a loop! I also know that it would probably take me but a day or two and I'd be able to gobble a handful at a time. I didn't want a repeat either!

    You're doing great by reducing on your own. Just be careful and you're going to be just fine.



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