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Personal Experiences with Prescription Drugs
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    Default Personal Experiences with Prescription Drugs

    In my experience from being an athlete, I personally see people of all sports are abusing prescription drugs. I have seen football players take 3-5 vicodon right before a football game to make sure they do not feel the big hit that will inevitably occur. I have also seen baseball players take handfuls of ibuprofen before a game to relieve the stress of everyday, common activity. Personally, I have had to take these pills just to be able to accomplish the seemingly easy task of throwing a baseball. During my sophomore year of high school I was playing catch before a practice, only to feel a loud pop followed by excruciating pain ranging from my elbow to pinky finger. Being the proud player I am (trying to be “tough”) I did not tell anyone and decided that the pain was going to have to stay because there was no way I was going to take time off. So for a six-month span I took 8-10 milligrams of ibuprofen six days a week in order to try and throw a ball without as much pain.
    Finally, after about four months of heavy arm usage, my dad asked why my throwing motion had changed and my velocity went down. He made me go to the doctor just to get it checked out; two MRI's found no structural damage so I continued to play. By this point I was ready to find out if the pain was mental or if there was something physically wrong with my elbow. During this time I was finishing a 500 pill bottles of ibuprofen a month and was no longer benefitting from the medication. So I began taking stronger medications like Vicodins or whatever my football friends had.
    Finally my dad took me to a doctor that specializes in elbows and he made me take an x-ray. This was the first time a doctor wanted to take an x-ray because everyone else thought it was a torn ligament not a bone issue. It took this doctor less than a minute to find the issue; I had a small fracture in my elbow where the ligament connected to the bone. Finally, there was an explanation and I stopped throwing immediately to let the bone heal. During this time I did not tell my parents that I had been taking so much medication and did not plan on telling them but I knew I had a problem and needed to quit right away. I immediately quit the taking the drugs, and luckily the cold turkey method worked for me. Unfortunately, I had already done too much damage and now I can no longer take over the counter medication and get any relief.

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    Thank you for telling your story. Good luck and stay away from the opiates. I buprofen doesn't get you high, but it will ruin your stomach. There was a guy on here DennyD look up his thread. He has some good advice and has had several surguries and is in enormous pain. What you are saying about taking over the counter remedies simply is not true. Read through the need to talk forum, there are many chronic pain sufferers that use OTC meds or supplements to deal with pain.


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