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Please help. Boyfriend withdrawing from suboxene
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    Default Please help. Boyfriend withdrawing from suboxene

    I have been in a good relationship with my boyfriend for around six months. I had no idea he was taking suboxene although I knew that he had struggled with drug addiction about a decade prior. At this point in life, he appeared to be a stable hard working man, a homebody, and very family oriented and loving and playful to my son and his. So anyway, about three months into the relationship he revealed to me that he has been cutting small pieces of suboxene each day and that his supplier just became incarcerated and he was about to go into withdrawals. I have never taken drugs and I knew nothing about this and it shocked me. It was hard for me to understand how tiny tiny little pieces of suboxene could wreak so much havoc once they were no longer availible. He has been taking them for 5 years !!
    So the withdrawals began. We made it through the constant exhaustion, the gastro issues etc. About two weeks in, he told me how much he loved me that I finally gave him the support and love he needed to quit suboxene after so long.
    Now it's been a month or slightly more and everything gas changed. Out of the blue he stopped telling me he loved me and has pretty much gone ghost. I can't chalk this up to a classic male disappearing act because I really think this is more linked to the suboxene than anything else. I cannot discuss it with my friends who just say things like he probably has another woman. I know he doesn't. He just told me that he never wants to have sex again in his life because the premature ejaculation is so humiliating. I have asked twice if we are broken up and he cannot give an answers. It's no and then it's yes and then no again. He is in a frantic state and working long hours seven days a week in hard manual labour in the heat. He is vomiting everything he eats. He said he cannot deal with his new emotions and that he has no idea who he is and he wants to be his old self.
    I am in torment by this. I feel like I will have to walk away but I do love him and we had a wonderful and peaceful relationship. It's like he can't even see me a by more. For people that have been there , is this really just part of the withdrawals ???? What should I do and what is likely to happen in the future?

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    Sounds typical to me. Addicts are in a relationship with their drug PERIOD. You or anyone else is a distant second. This is true for Suboxone too although it is more often used by addicts to avoid withdrawal and to remain stable and stay away from other more dangerous drugs. So the good news is he may have been continuing the Suboxone in order to avoid the temptation of going back to worse drugs. The bad news is he was not under legitimate treatment by a doctor and was buying them illegally, and had been on them a very long time, so I'm not sure he is committed to living clean and sober. What should you do? What will happen in the future? I can't answer it for you. Sure sounds like he's a hard working good man, but this skeleton in the closet is HUGE. Until he's clean from the Suboxone, you really have no idea what you have got there. The future? I'll tell you the statistical odds are not favorable. I can't tell you what to do but if it were me with a child, I'd tell him to have a nice life; he was buying subs illegally, and I would not allow that when I have a child in my home, but that's just me. Best of luck to you, maybe it will work out?

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    He needs help and quickly....
    You may think you're love is enough...he may have even had thought you're love was enough
    Getting off drugs I hate to say it but that is just the begaining...
    Dealing with the reason he first started taking the drugs in the first place is the real problem.
    He may need antidepressants because he is ob down in the dumps...he def needs NA or even AA
    It is the hardest thing in the world to come off drugs with no support [no offence but your love for him is just not enough ¨support¨]
    Are you sure he is not back on the gear ?
    You need to find out for sure
    Coming off drugs causes severe sexual problems is very common to get PE it settles after a while but of course it will make him feel bad he is a man...he needs to talk to others going through similar problems.
    Get him on here
    You are in a very difficult situation...I would say to you run...but I know its not as easy as that
    Good Luck is all I can say

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    Default Judging and Condemning is Easy, and Cheap -aka-Love Conquers All

    LA Citrus, I'd be glad to give you some personal history. Suffice it to say I have had many addicts in my life, both near and far. Don't give up on him yet. I've been clean for abt 18 months after getting stuck on Rx meds due to broken body, many surgeries, etc. The majority of addicts I've known had real heart issues, ie; hurt and pain. I've known a few who were just deadbeat dopers, lazy, etc. but this doesn't seem to be the case with your man.
    There is help available for him, thanks to Obama Care mandates. Even with him working, there are plenty of out-patient facilities. Admitting he has a problem is the first step for him. Encourage him, perhaps, if you have the spare time, you could make a few calls and find out who's available in your area.
    If you stand by him, as he does his part and gets clean, your reward may well be the love of your life, a very devoted man who'll not forget your mercy. Condemning him, or insisting on just how he gets clean is easy, and cheap. So is armchair quarterbacking! has an excellent Suboxone forum as well. Withdrawls are no easy or simple thing.
    Stand by your man, he will love you for life!
    Best to ya,
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