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Please help me with opiate detox NO ENERGY
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    Hi Anony1964,

    Thank you for your military service and congratulations on your new opiate free life. So typical of a soldier to endure a hardship and then share only after the hardship is completed!!!!!!!. I served as well, so I feel I can take a small liberty in discussing your military service. Well done. Now days, I feel compelled to include that I was never in a war zone. So thank you for your outstanding bravery.

    As many will tell you on this site, the trick now is to stay off the opiates. Many here recommend going to meetings to help avoid relapses. The brain can play tricks on you. I have chronic pain from RA. In my opinion, the RA is well managed, but every day has pain. Low level most days, but every day has its pains.

    Here is were my brain plays tricks on me......every so often (in the past hopefully) I would convince myself that a break from the pain would be good. Keep in mind, 95% of the time, the pain really is not that bad. I would convince myself of the following............."since I'm not addicted anymore, one prescription should not be that bad."

    Stupid me, I never fully realized that I am an addict. I like the high. Once the pills from the prescription are gone, off I go to the streets to get more. And before you realize it, your opiate intake is back to where it was or higher. Bottom line, you need a support group.

    I have been on and off this forum for years. Hell I've forgotten my old log in names. It can be a horrible cycle. I have lost track of how many times I have detoxed. Think about that.

    With my diagnosis of RA and your documented back injury, we can legally get pills anytime we want them. Its just a phone call to the doctor away. Stay strong and find a support group. This forum is mine. I decided to come to this site and read the stories of courage and bravery instead of going to the doctor "one last time."

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    It will be 2 weeks tomorrow on my ct from tramadol! It's been a rough journey, but I'm going to succeed! Can anyone give me a idea of how long I will not have energy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekh79 View Post
    It will be 2 weeks tomorrow on my ct from tramadol! It's been a rough journey, but I'm going to succeed! Can anyone give me a idea of how long I will not have energy?
    Depends on a lot of factors including: how much Tramadol you were taking, how long you were taking it, metabolism, etc....?

    Drinking lots of water, healthy diet, good multivitamin and B Complex will help. Energy will improve with time! Stay the course!

    Please start your own thread if you need additional help, advice and/or support?

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    [deleted - breaching forum rules]
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    Default Professional detox

    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky71 View Post
    Depends on a lot of factors including: how much Tramadol you were taking, how long you were taking it, metabolism, etc....?

    Drinking lots of water, healthy diet, good multivitamin and B Complex will help. Energy will improve with time! Stay the course!

    Please start your own thread if you need additional help, advice and/or support?
    Opiate withdrawal sucks. I sucked it up and paid $5000 for a 10 day detox. It was easy and painless. I actually didn't want to leave rehab. 3 hot meals a day and it was like adult summer camp. They professionally ease you off over 6-7 days and you receive all the benefits of a therapist and rehab meetings and AA/NA meetings at night after first 5 days of detox. I recommend this to anyone who needs help. I was taking 15-20 10mg Norco a day for almost 10 years. The only real hard day was the first day off detox, but I just slept all day. I'm on 14 non narcotic pills a day and have minimal post acute withdrawal. 30 days clean now. Energy levels do come and go, but I make myself go to the gym before my 7am AA meeting and after my 6pm NA meeting mon-fri, and I'm operating at about 80% energy and getting better everyday. Go to meetings, they will revitalize your mood and energy, and you will see all your rehab buddies too . All it takes is the desire to quit. Find the 12 steps and read the first one. A better life is ahead. All you have to do is want it. Hardly anybody on here remains clean trying to do it on their own. Get help, it's out there. You will thank yourself later. Best of luck.

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    Default dont do subs or methadone!!!!

    I was also on a high dose of hydro oxy and gabipentin then when I started taking to much I turned to methadone then subboxin. Then when I moved to San Antonio texas and lost my medical and was forced to quit I suffered way worse then when I got off hydro and oxy so unfortunately I'm stuck buying on the side but I only get a few 10/325 at a time and im tapering myself off and its working.When I quit subboxone I went 10 days and I was literally searching for easy ways to off myself thats how bad it was and I to have no support system as I have no fam or friends here GOOD LUCK!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by kyleag89 View Post
    Hello everyone. I have been taking hydrocodone and oxycodone for a little over two years now. I take between 50 and 70mgs a day of oxy. It is ruining my life and I cannot hold a full time job! I need to detox asap and get my life back on track. Last week I tried detoxing, I tapered down to 1 10mg pill a day then didn't take any pills for 4 days. Well it was a living hell and I am now back on the pills. I seem to be experiencing the complete opposite detox symptoms of anyone else. I have searched here and on google for days and haven't had any luck.

    My main problem while trying to detox is not having any energy. I have such a lack of energy that I can't even get out of bed to eat or shower! I have NO problem sleeping, in fact thats all I can do is sleep. I seem to be awake for only 6-8 hours of the day. The entire time I am awake I feel like I was up all night drinking hard booze and have a severe hangover.

    I am looking for some advice, has anyone else out there experienced similar conditions? When I take pills they give me unbelievable energy and don't make me groggy like most people. I feel like superman when I have a couple pills in me. I was looking into maybe trying 5 HTP because I heard it may help boost my energy levels?? I am also trying to get a drug assessment from a local clinic in hopes of receiving suboxone or some other kind of help.

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    Default Day 6 Flu symptoms are finally gone / But still very weak LOW ENERGY

    Good Morning,

    I found this thread by googling "opiate withdrawal no energy". I began searching for information after being on Day 6 of zero pills. The no energy has raised concern because of how long it has lasted. I have quit before and always could count on flu symtons for a few days and some weakness late day, but this time has been quite differant.

    I should add a little backround: I have always been a healthy, high energy, drug free person. Didnt have my first alchoholic drink until I was 30. I began drinking socially after my divorce to help with the awkwardness of joining back into the single scene. Now in my early 40s, I have since graduated to a social drinker. Pill use never really entered my thoughts. I have had back problems since I was around 32 and usually just went to the chiropractor for an adjustment (like my father did).

    The pills were introduced a few years later. But they were used experimentally and cautiously. I would buy 5 or so and just take with a couple of drinks (1 pill would usually work fine). I did this for a while (not regularly though, like once every few months).

    I eventually bumped this use up when my back would spasm. I would then justify buying more than 5, and instead get 10 or so. This again was NOT a regular thing. It could even go as long as a year with NO pill use.

    Late 2016 October-ish, I was approached by a guy who use to do security for my business. He was a body builder and always looked extremely healthy and fit. When he came to be I noticed he had loss some muscle tone and looked tired (this should have been a sign to me). But, because I used a bunch of other times and never got hooked, I was blind. He offered a GIANT ORDER of pills. 100 oxycodone 30 MG, I was in SHOCK, like... who in the world has 100 of these things??? and 30s were quite a jump from the vic and perk 5s and sometime 10s I would get 5 to 10 at a time. I was amazed, yet felt a bit exicited about this opportunity to stock up...

    I am a 15+ year successful business owner with around 20 employees. I probably became a millionaire at around the age of 34-ish. I always re-invested the profits so It was a moving target. So because I have the means to purchase, is most likely why I was selected for this enormous order.

    I decided to purchase the 100 oxycodone 30 mg for 2000.00 usd. I started just taking a half (which was even too much at first) but then realized this was ultimately like having an endless supply. By cutting them in half, I now had 200 pills!!! Great Right? WRONG!!! Uhhhggg...

    This natural ability to justify buying narcotics, is surely attached to my familys long time history of alchohol addiction, No drug users, Just cigarettes and Beer. But my oldest brother literally drank himself to death by age 45. But what does this have to do with me? I drink a drink or 2 and Im fine and can control it fine and without issue. Im describing the (HOW easy it is to NOT KNOW whats ABOUT TO HAPPEN).

    Im under educated at best when it comes to addiction. I know many who have struggled and even died from it. I never felt I needed to worry. But this large order, changed everything.

    I was then finding myself calling this guy to get more when I noticed I was running low. I would take a 1/2 in morning and 1/2 at night respectfully. This gave me all the good feeling effects and some added energy to complete my daily tasks.

    Long story short, I continued buying and moved from 30 mg daily to around 60-75 mg day. Little did I know... That slight jump combined with REGULAR DAILY USE (put me in pretty deep sh_t).

    I am strong minded person (most of the time) I try and inspire the people who work for me and lead by example. I now find myself on day 6 trpped in my home trying to get through this hellish nightmare.

    One of my favorite quotes "No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. E.Burke
    That quote combined with the help this site has offered through the people who share their own expieriences with me, inspired me to do the same and to let everyone know that I am extremely grateful for everyones input and It inspired me to add my story today as an expression of my absolute appreciation.

    Any help with the NO Energy thing would be great, otherwise I will continue to Honey Badger through this thing with additional time... :-)

    Thank You & GodBless!!!



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    Hi I am new here I have been taking a low dose of Vicodin’s for a year now I was taking 5 a day 5 mg I have been off them for 7 days now wasn’t too bad for me but had withdrawals only problem I have now is how do I get my energy back I have been making myself excise and I have been working the whole time but I don’t have the energy I had when I was taking them please is there anything I can do to get my energy back

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