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Please help on very slow wean off Clonazepam
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    Default Please help on very slow wean off Clonazepam

    Please help. I am on Clonazepam (Rivotril) here in the Philippines since Aug 19 of this year. It'll be almost 2 months and I want to wean off from it. I was rushed to the ER last Aug 19 that's where they gave the Clonazepam which stopped stilnox wid symptoms since we weren't advice that its dangerous to abruptly stop Stilnox/Zolpidem.
    My doctors gave me stilnox as needed for sleeplessness but it is not doing good with my body, thus I took it every other day since the prescription says its as needed, not knowing what I did was like cold turkey then I experienced wid symptoms so harshly. The zolpidem wid symptoms only subsided when my psychiatrist let me took rivotril or clonazepam. I am 9 weeks post op from laminectomy (thoracic 1-2) due to schwannoma. I do believe that I can wean off from Clonazepam but I have to do it gradually. Been taking 1/4 mg of 2mg each night of Rivotril/clonazepam until now. When do I start to drop the dose and how long for each dose? My doctor (neuro-psych) wants me to stop my daily dose to every other day but I believe a gradual or slow taper will work for me since I am so sensitive to medications.
    Please help and God bless.
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    Hi there!

    Firstly let me tell you I am pleased that you are trying to help wean off from medications espcially when you suggested it is causing somewhat of a problem. Let me tell you that these medications (Benzodiazepine) are usually harder to wean off from. Could you tell me in this format;

    How much Clonazepam you take daily (Dosage)
    And any other medications clearly.

    Some have stated that the proper way to taper off of Klonopin is by reducing the total daily dose by 0.125 mg (1/8 mg) on a weekly basis.

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    Hi there I am a young female weaning onto a lower dose of Clonazepam, from 18 mg daily- I have been prescribed it to treat genetic myoclonus, but the doses that my neurologist pushed me up to were really having a negative aspect on most aspects of my health, especially cognitive problems and I became very sedated. Now, with my GP and neurologist's help I am cutting down in 0.25 steps every few days to point where I am much more comfortable - the neurologist initially suggested I could try to speed things up by reducing by 0.5- 1.0 mg doses, but I was quite sensitive to that and really did suffer some nasty withdrawal effects!

    I guess, just my advice would be not feel pressured to reduce your dosage any more than you feel comfortable with, there can be conflicting advice some timesand I think however small the steps may be, they are all significant and positive. I occasionally have times when I 'waver', or even get frustrated and want to just stop cold- but it's good just to find what is personally tolerable and stick to it and remember the good reasons for reducing or withdrawing completely in your own way.

    Hope sharing experinces helps you in some way, God bless x

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