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Please Help! Worried what may happen since having repeated early refills ?
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    Default Please Help! Worried what may happen since having repeated early refills ?

    Hi everyone I am new here. Since Nov 2016 I have been on xanax and started at 1 mg per day. Then it was increased per visit to 4 mg due to my severe pain condition and constant panic attacks for many years now. I ALWAYS go to the same pharmacy and they have been filling and refilling them early with no issues. .But today I was trying to request a new generic and the new store called the dr and left a call back demanding why the quantity is so high and why am I being changed back to high amount of xanax when I just filled the high amounts of klonopin. My worries are the pharmacist was evil and made a rude deeming comment, you can either leave it here until we verify, or go to the place you always go to.. I took it home and worried about having it filled. I also left the physician a message telling him the pharmacy no longer has the scripts so he doesn't need to verify, it was an error.

    I felt very very threatened by her and worried she may make the dr nervous and he may want to stop my meds. He is already mad at me for asking to change back and forth from klonopin to xanax. Also, do you know if a refill is considered all in one script ? Some of my fills were from im worried that i picked them all up.

    Any ideas what I can do ? Thank you for your time and help.
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    I also want to add the pharmacist was so evil, she told me word for word the message she left for the doctor . That is why I am sick with worry and fear. She is making me feel scared. But all my meds are from the same doctor in 3 years. I am worried she may send him the pmp chart on my early refills. Can she do this ? She thought 4 mg per day was very unusual and high dose and the Klonopin was very high qualities too I guess. Sorry so long..thanks again

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    Yes she can send your medical record to the dr..
    Drs are being held accountable finally for people over dosing especially on benzos..

    I don't know what will happen with you .
    But in some states it is illegal to Dr shop and pharmacy shop..

    Why did you change pharmacies?
    That looks suspicious..

    I hope they don't stop your prescription because you are on a really high dose of Xanax..

    And going cold turkey off of benzos can kill you..

    pharmacists are being held accountable too!
    Good luck..


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    This is a bit of a late reply but I went through this at one point. Generally things were approved till I started hitting high doses, particularly a mix of Klonopin & Xanax.

    Actually the pharmacist may have saved my life by questioning what I didn't. Scaling back benzodiazepines considerably is what came out of it.

    My panic & anxiety actually decreased on far lower doses. Xanax in particular scares the hell out of me now.

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    Hi Lisa!

    I completely understand where you're coming from. A while back I was being prescribed percocets frequently on unscheduled rotations from all the specialists doctors I was seeing. This instantly made the pharmacy red flag me as a potentional doctor shopper for pills. Which definitely was NOT the case...

    The pharmacists are allowed to contact your doctor or yourself in regards to your medication, but don't panic! It's their job to ensure people aren't recreationally receiving and abusing medications. At the end of the day, they do this for the sake of everyones best interest..

    Stay calm, let your doctor handle any concerns the pharmacy may have. Each pharmacy has different script filling policies, so if you do not like how a pharmacy handles your care have them transfer your info to a new pharmacy. I've done that myself to avoid drama in the past! It's important to just stay calm, to remember they're only doing their job, and that pharmacists are only looking out for people's well beings! Even if they come across rude and presumptuous.

    In the end, you'll be okay! The doctor ultimately will have his say and explaination and if the pharmacy hassles your doctor too much, simply change pharmacy. You'll be okay!

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    I hope they will not been stopping the dosage. Drs. Are accountable for their prescription and the pharmacy may send these records but in the end its for your own betterment, i wish things will change positively for you.

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