This might get lengthy but here we 34 have 4 kids and am so determined to quit. Ive quit cold turkey 4 yrs ago from 15-20mg of methadone which was hell. Ive also had withdrawal from tramadol and thats no joke either. So to get to my question, after i quit methadone i goofed and started messing with suboxone which turned into a 4mg habit daily and this is my 3rd vacation in a row to quit cold turkey, i failed the first 2 vacations and am tired of using my vacations to go through hell. 3 weeks before my vacation i started weening down and weened down to 2 mg daily for the last week. I would take 1mg in the morning Before work and 1 when i got off work. I have 9 days of vacation time so here i am at day 6 and i took 1/16 or .5mg of an 8 mg strip just to get some sort of relief for 12 to 24hrs. Will this prolong my withdrawal or put me back into the thick of it like day 3 and 4. I know it was so stupid to do it and i almost spit it out and wanted to cry. On the other hand it did give me relief. There is no way im taking another pc and am definitely following through with the rest of my goal. Would appreciate any thoughts on this thanx