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Question about withdraw & symptoms
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    Default Question about withdraw & symptoms

    42 year old male
    I've been taking Lortab Vicodin 7.5 for 5 years for back pain prescribed by my doctor.
    About a month-and-a-half ago I noticed that the pills were no longer affecting me at all when I would take them.
    I did not increase my dose I just kept taking my dose like normal which was 1 pill 4 times a day like it had been for 5 years.
    I was at work the one day and noticed my throat after taking one of my pills got really sore almost like I was losing my voice I actually did lose my voice partially that went away but then what remains it feels like I have a lump in my throat still to this day when I swallow it just feels like there's something in my throat.
    A few days after that I had a sudden feeling of Doom or panic I'm not sure what it was I never had a panic attack before but I was doing absolutely nothing and my chest started hurting heart started racing mind started going crazy hyperventilating almost passed out went to the ER they said that I just had a panic attack go home get some rest called them.
    So I had the bright idea that I was going to stop taking my Vicodin I cut my dose down to a half a pill twice a day for one week and then stopped I'm on day 11 of no medication but from the first panic attack until this day I have had 5 episodes of sudden pending Doom feeling and then and then seeing panic attack and it had to go back to the ER 3 times because my BP got as high as 200 over 117 with a pulse of 200.
    I also have had other symptoms where my left shoulder the top part of my arm my bicep and tricep down to my elbow is quite painful at times and sometimes also I have a pain that radiates across my chest from the left but not to the center of my chest.
    That also started whenever my throat issues started which was about a month-and-a-half ago.
    I have informed all the doctors in the ER and my primary care physician that I have stopped taking the Vicodin and when I did stop taking it they know exactly when all this happened and all the symptoms I laid out above.
    I now also starting to get headaches for no reason out of anywhere I just get a headache and it's just like all around my whole head not like a migraine or anything but still a pretty decent headache.
    I've never had any body aches over my whole body like flu symptoms I have not had any chills I have not had any diarrhea or vomiting I do have like zero appetite whatsoever and I've lost like 30 pounds in this month and a half due to no appetite.
    They keep thinking that I'm coming in complaining of a heart attack but they've checked me every which way from Sunday they even currently have me wearing a Holter monitor to check my heart I'm just curious if all these symptoms I'm having has something to do with me being on Vicodin for so long and then stopping.
    It's like I'm losing my mind I'm always worried that I'm going to have a sudden panic attack out of nowhere for no reason the doctors keep thinking it's something with my heart but yet nothing has come up so that alone has me freaked out.
    I keep reading online and I don't know if that's something I should be doing or not my doctor says no my primary care physician says it's all in my head and wanted me to go see a psychiatrist that specializes in hypnotherapy and I'm like okay that's a new one on me.
    So I don't know how much weight he holdswith me any longer with that type of a answer to this problem.
    He totally dismiss the fact that I could have anything to do with the Vicodin I've been taking for 5 years being from the onset of the issue to the current problem but then again maybe it's not I don't know that's the part that has me the most confused is not knowing what's going on with me makes it so much worse the knowing if it's this or that or whatever it may be at least that way I know what the f is going on anyway.
    If anyone has anything that they could suggest or relate or have had experience with the same things I'm going through that'd be great let me know because I'm kind of at my Wit's End trying to figure out what's going on with me.

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    Too low of a dose of vicodin, too far out from your last dose of vicodin, and not symptoms of WD from vicodin.

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    Hi Zig,
    I'm not a doc by any means and I'm new to this site but have had tons of experience with opiates. I do believe it may have something to do with it. I think you may be having an anxiety attack. And if you were doing opiates for five years even though you've been off for a couple weeks I myself do believe you can be going through mental withdrawal and you may still have some physical. sleep, no appetite, anxiety. Did your doc give you anxiety med? Hopefully thats all it is. It sounds like you weaned quickly? There's alot involved. You're throat is odd but sometimes when wd you feel flu symptoms. There are lots of ppl on here who know more. It is just my opinion that even though short acting opiates are out of body in a few days it I think the longer term effects are still there.
    Good Luck you're doing a great job!!!!

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    Well the past two days have been very very hard to sleep almost like I could not keep still woke up every 2 hrs had to keep moving my leg..... And severe stomach/intestinal pain and diarrhea to boot. Throat issue is gone for most part gets better everyday. No more panic \ doom episodes TG... Every day seems to be getting better and better. I'm assuming I did not have severe WD symptoms because I didn't abuse the drug but I'm still convinced that the drugs played a role in everything that is the only thing that has changed/stopped taking and things seem to be getting better.... They did give me atavan but I am not taking it I want to try and get off everything except for my cholesterol medicine. The very strange thing is my back no longer hurts like it used to I have disc disease L5 & S1 so lets hope that stays as is and things keep getting better.

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    Sounds like typical WD symptoms from what you are describing in terms of the other stuff going on. Anxiety is increased after stopping opiates so those could have been minor panic attacks. Still surprise they started so far down the road from when you stopped if the timeline I'm understanding is correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsh12345 View Post
    Too low of a dose of vicodin, too far out from your last dose of vicodin, and not symptoms of WD from vicodin.
    Totally agree with DSH....Although you've been on them for 5 years; you weren't at a high dosage and you havent really mentioned any symptoms of what a typical hellish vicodin withdrawl will put you through. You never abused them either, based off the information provided. You have abided by the guidelines of your physician, congratulations. Not many of us here can say we have

    It sounds like you're going through possibLe mental withdrawl, but that dosage isnt Enough to cause the types of withdrawls Others might go through.

    Let us know how your doing and feeling God Bless!

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    Has been pure hell to say the least.
    Dr's keep wanting to check my heart.
    After my second attack the ER gave me ativan. Have been on it from Apr 10th
    .5 mg in am .5 mg in pm and 1.0 mg at bed.

    At first seems to help >>>> load with stress and such panic / anxity.

    Little back story to catch up on from last post:
    I have now been to the ER 17 times from the first if the year.
    Have found 0 wrong with me in all the tests the have done and there has been a ton which is great no cancer no heart issue.
    Multiple multiple different types if blood tests
    Mutiple x rays of my body
    Brain scan with contrast
    Abdominal scan with contrast
    Cardiac echo
    Cardiac stress test with contrast.

    My symptoms are almost always the same.
    Starts with a pain about an inch above my left nipple in pectorial area, the migrates to my left arm gets numb and feels like someone is squeezing it hard at the bicep and tricep, dry mouth, then pain also in diaphragm area and then finnaly pain under left nipple towards my sternum sometimes its annoying cramp feeling and sometimes sharp stabbing pain or a mixture.
    Once it gets to that point I can't stop the fixation on it and thought oh no something is wrong with my heart and then its panic mania time.

    Go to the ER explain again my issues just like I'm doing here then all they focus on is my heart at first nope normal x ray normal triponin levels normal your not having a heart attack.

    Then would either state I'm just having a panic attack or they would delve deeper with other tests like I noted above.

    But the last 5 days have been exception to that.
    They had scheduled me for a Cat scan angeogram by my cardiologist on Wednesday
    Went for the test and could not get heart rate low enough even after the max allowed dose of IV beta blockers never got lower than 69 72 BPM the needed 60 - 50.

    So they sent me packing can't do the test to rule out blockage in heart they said.

    Later that night my BPM which is normally 68-76 was way low like 48-52 I was very light headed and felt totally depressed.
    Had an episode back to the ER they didn't seem concerned about my BPM but the pain this time was only my midsection diaphragm area and the pain was worse than normal.
    They still referenced my heart but then did another abdominal ct with contrast again nothing. Now I have a GI Dr to go see the sent me home.....

    The next day Thursday was ok for most part
    Here's the thing I missed my ativan 4 pm . 5 dose and 12 bedtime dose Wednesday. slept till Thursday till 2 PM so also missed my AM .5 dose of ativan did take my 4 PM dose and fell asleep and but also missed my Thursday night 1 mg dose.

    So now into Fri was feeling more clear than ever so thought I should skip my Fri doses all together. Well started to feel little strange so took my .5 dose at 4 pm then by 11 pm was trying to go to sleep and then was hit with pain in all normal areas this time they were burning and stabbing pains jumping across my chest then a very sharp pain in the mid low center if my back and that's all it too off to the races we went this time to a hospital I had not been to due to being out of network but pain was so bad had to go there because they are 2 min away.
    What insued in there was nothing I have ever experienced nor want to again.
    I was so anxious my legs kept shaking.
    Then when they went to do the IV the "new" RN forgot to close the IV line when she stuck me and well about 1 - 2 cups of blood was all over the place. That pushed me into hyper drive almost blacked out then almost knocked out the nurse in fit of rage that I honestly could not control. My BPM were down to 42-45 which was really messing with me because when I have an episode my heart rate is usually way up but all vitals were very low.

    Thrn the ER DR is informed of all about me so again they check heart stuff no issues .
    Then he says well we are going to do your cat scan angeogram for some reason I was instantly SCARED shirtless to have this test.

    So sitting there this RN comes back and says all your test are normal we are going to be sending you home was kind of a relief now I don't have to have this test I'm so scared to have for some reaso.

    At that time my wife had left to go get me a ativan at home to help calm me down seeing the HP would give me 0.
    Also I need to add they always check my during for drug abuse and when they would offer pain meds I would kindly decline not wanting to start any type of opiate in my system in any way my at all.

    While she was gone they come in and say I'm her to take you to get your scan from there on out I was a ducking basket case.
    Took everything in my power to hold still long enough to have the scan and when they hurt me with the contrast I lost it completely it burned so bad get like my heart was going to EXPLODE out of me.

    Back in the room white as a ghost.
    Then the most messed up thing every 30 seconds to 60 for the next hour I went from shaking all over to crying and sobbing and then fits of pure what I call hulk rage I felt like I had to ducking smash something for no reason. The town they put on me I wanted off ASAP my wife tried to untie it but it was in knots in both places I pushed my wife off me and with one hand tore it off me in pieces.
    Then started all iver again shaking, crying and feeling like I wanted to just smash >>>> like the hulk...

    My wife Finnaly has a chance to give me the ativan then 5 min later the ER Dr comes in and says your test came back and your heart is 100 % fine no blockages.
    This whole time people had to keep repeating themself to me 2 to 3 times no matter what they were saying.
    Then they were all about rushing me out of there my wife is like you want me to take him home like this..... What am I gonna do she says to the RN she replied well there's noting wrong with him there is nothing we can do.
    The ER DR came back in and said how about a GI cocktail so I said fine not sure that it would do anything.
    Another 5 min go by
    The RN comes back in with the GI cocktail and she says it will make your tongue numb just to warn you I say ok and chug it like a good little boy....
    Sure my tongue was numb but the all the sudden I can feel myself swallow needless to say I list my >>>> again.

    They then get her to sign me out and help me to stand no wheel chair the whole time I was there I kept complaing about being dizzy.
    Into the car and sent home 15 min after being home all of the emotions stopped and i was back to normal.
    What's that all about......

    No was back to its normal range and my BPM also back to like 75 which is normal for me.
    So was it all the ativan missed doses then within 30 on 1mg dose I'm all good ?
    Am I just bat>>>> crazy?

    That was FRI night late into sat morning.

    Started back on the ativan like I had been knock on wood no pains no issues yesterday or today yet.

    A little more back story on me.
    I run a business by myself that is fairly well lucrative lets say. I work everyday 8 -14 hrs a day everyday not as if late due to all the issues but have for the past 4 years.

    Stress issue 1
    Last November I got a letter I had to sign for from the IRS.
    Stated I owed the well over 400,000 so I think that was my first panic attack mild compaired to those of late but still never the less did have one.
    Is a full blown audit that us still not resolved but once myself and accounts went over my books and filing for that year foud I overpaid by a substantial amount and they actually owe me but is still not resolved.
    Also with all the issues with me and such had to file extension for this year not good... IMO

    #2 December 24th
    Smoked a keif joint and 30 min later had full blown panic attack.

    #3 Feb 7th
    My mother who had inoperable congestive heart failure had a heart attack then had to have bypass surgery which was a success and is doing great now TG.

    #4 Mar 13th
    Decided to get off my vicoden thinking that was causing me some issues bein on them because I noticed how I felt after taking them and started to mess with my head.
    So I tapered drastically for a few weeks and stopped.

    # 5 December to now
    My older brother had a similar issue he had a breakdown at his work and they put him on FMLA leave prescribed him klonopin but he could not return to work while on that type if drug he was on it for 2 months then they cut it in just two weeks he went loco.......... Took 2 months to get back to normal.

    #6 last year to now
    Have a second home that I have been working on to ewnt out on April 9 the entire finshed basement we just got done and was getting rear to list the home for rent had flooded with 2 ft of water and sat that way for 3-5 days.
    Insurance would not cover 1 cent.
    Still working on it to this day.

    #7 past 10 years my wife has been battling alcholisum and addiction.
    She is sober TG 60 days now.
    Wrecked cars finding blacked out from drinking and stealing her moms morphine pills or my vicoden... That's a huge long story in itself but still a stress I'm sure you can imagine.

    I'm trying not to leave anything out but my life that I had by the balls I though is slowly falling apart.

    All I know is now I want to get to the bottom of whats causing all if my issues and I desperately want off this Ativan.
    They also just staryed me on 10 mg of busbar 2 x a day.....

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