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Question on suboxone “timing”
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    Default Question on suboxone “timing”

    Ive only been on subs daily only since beg of june for a 15-20yr battle with back pain and since they finally decided to do surgery finally, it was then time to get off them so i started subs (mostly from fear as the last 3yrs i was on fentanyl {off that since dec} and had horrific hot/cold flashes and extreme anxiety to the point of vomiting which would then occasionally end me in emg rm on a couple liters of fluids cuz i wouldnt stop vomiting and couldnt keep water down) so that i was horrifically scared of the wds that cause those same things.... anyhow to move forward, its been a few months and really was just staying on as i had been having horrible insomnia so i feel like i should just stop that too to see if that helps... my question is this- i am currently have 2mg strips but only take 1/16th of a strip at present (once/day usually middle of night wen i wake up) and so i know im on very little and from what ive read the smaller the dose of sub, the quicker it runs thru its half life so im curious if this is true and if so, how long after my last dose (i am hoping to actually half the little bits i do take once more to just get to smallest ammount that i poss can., should i expect to feel the wds and how long/intense should they be? (I apologize for the lengthy text but ive never been good at thought organization necessary for decent writing)

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    Hi Cherokee,

    Currently you are taking .125mg (1/16th of 2mg). This is the same dosage that I took when I decided to get off of Suboxone for good. I'm currently 8 months sober (today, actually), and life has never been better! Your current dosage is commonly accepted a "low enough" dose to jump from. Some folks on here might recommend skipping some doses before jumping. Personally I didn't, but I'm not opposed to it. I'm sure it helps. here's the hard part. Suboxone is crazy powerful. It sounds like you've done your research, so I'll spare the details. When I jumped at .125mg, I had nasty acute withdrawals for 3 to 5 days. I took Melatonin, Liquid Imodium, Amino Acids, and Ondansetron to help with the symptoms of withdrawal. Honestly, when jumping from .125mg, it seems like the mental hurdles are much higher than the physical hurdles. Don't get me wrong...I still had RLS, night sweats, anxiety, diarrhea, etc. No puking, so that was good. The liquid Imodium is CRITICAL to feeling a little more comfortable. Also, it's equally necessary that you drink a ton of water and Gatorade. Just drink all day long. I stopped drinking caffeine during this process, and I'd like to say that I'm healthier now because of it.

    Nourish your body. The first week or so, you won't feel like doing much of anything...and probably won't feel like eating much of anything. Fight that feeling and get up, walk around, eat something, drink something, etc.

    After the first week, the physical symptoms begin to subside (very slowly) and your senses start to awaken. This was a very emotional period for me. The emotional stuff lasted around 3 to 5 weeks, and then it slowly started getting better. I would say that I started feeling awesome around the two month point.

    The day before my jump, my biggest fears/questions were: How will I live without this medication? How will my back pain feel? Will I ever feel normal again?

    Well...8 months later I can safely say that life is WAY BETTER on the other side. My back pain feels so much better. And my life, I wouldn't necessarily call it normal...because every day I'm making a choice to live without Suboxone. But I will say that even my worst days (now) are better than my best days when I was taking Suboxone.

    You've already done a lot of the work. Tapering isn't easy. In order to jump, and stay off of it, you'll need to "want it" more than anything in the world.

    Since you've only been taking Suboxone for a few months, you might breeze right through it. Who knows? But I do know that you know that once you're clean, you'll truly understand that Suboxone is a poison.

    Best wishes,
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