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A quick question about Xanax
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    Default A quick question about Xanax

    Hi everyone,

    I suffer from SaD and Schizophrenia and currently take Xanax for treatment ... I must say when I first started taking the drug it was amazing ... I could go into public and do shopping and go out for dinner with my family without having to leave half way through the meal coz I thought the people at the next table where talking about me and so on ....

    I use to take Rohypnol to treat my problems, but have found them hard to get now ...

    My Dr will only prescribe me with 0.25mg tablets as he does not like Xanax ... so I buy 2mg bars off the street to keep my life going to I can go places and have fun with family and friends ... only problem is now ...

    I have to take about 5 x 2mg bars at once before I go out, and normally about 4 cans of bourbon to get the same relief that 1 x 2mg bar use to give me ... some days I may find myself to have more then 20 bars in one day ... my tolerance to say the least has built up to a crazy state ... not to mention its costing me a fortune to be normal ...

    Even though I take so many every day, I can cold turkey stop them at anytime and not really have with drawels like ive had with rohypnol and Oxys and such ... only problem is, im stuck at home in my room and unable to shop and go out with friends as my SaD and Schizophrenia make me walk out at anytime and have to drive home by myself making me very embarrassed and uncomfortable ... my friends are use to it and understand but I love being able to go out in public and do normal things that normal people do ...

    Does anyone know how much of a break I would need to drop my tolerance? I cant continue to eat 15+ bars a day ... its going to kill my stomach or something ...

    I hold a full time job but luckily enough Im alone in a truck and dont have to see many people and when I do its people i know.

    My ilness has even made my house buying decision to a 125 acre lot with a house far up in the hills by itself so I dont have to deal with the public if I can help it.

    Thoughts? Help? Suggestions?

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    Hello and welcome. Here you will find a great bunch of people in different stages of their recovery. I unfortunately do not know much about Xanax. What I do know is that tolerance builds very quickly, as you know. Also that you have to taper them very very slowly. I believe the recommended drops are about 5-10% every week. And last they can be very dangerous to stop cold turkey. Even deadly in some cases. It can cause serious seizures. I would not recommend stopping taking them personally. I know you said you don't get withdrawals when you stop, but that is quite a large dosage you're currently on. And I could see it becoming a problem. No judgements, and I am in no way a doctor or medical professional. This is just my humble opinion.

    Like I said earlier, my experience is limited when it comes to benzos, however there are numerous members on this site who are very knowledgeable on the subject and will help guide you in the right direction. I'm sure some others will stop by with more advice soon.

    Welcome again and keep posting.

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